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Mystery of Trinity and Immortality

On January 31, 2001, I published essay “TRINITY”, which later became Essay #51, in Volume III of my BEYOND RELIGION Collection of Essays. The first paragraphs reads :

“It probably all started with the sacred syllable AUM, the Medic Trimurti. The secret sound conceals the unrevealed Deity, the Swayambhouva, That which is That, That which has Its Being in and of Itself. Emanating from this ineffable Deity, the initial Source, the germ of the universe, are the three-in-one trinities forming a Supreme Whole. From AUM thus emanate the Nara, Nari and Viradyi, the initial triad. The Agni, Vaya and Sourya, the manifested triad that follows is still secret, intangible, esoteric.”

Trimurti gave birth to virtually all later religions.
Trimurti is Sanskrit from tri meaning three, and mûrrti meaning body or shape. The rest of the inspired Triads is explained in the essay. The influence of the Trimurti on various future religions, ending with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost is self-evident.
And then I came across a strange statement by Meister Eckhart. He said that: “One who speaks about the Trinity lies!”
Too complex?
It got me thinking.
After long mental acrobatics, I concluded that for Meister’s Eckhart splitting Divinity into three aspects was not acceptable. His need for the Singularity was so strong that he couldn’t contemplate any division of the concept of the Singular Source, most of us refer to as God. Indeed, over the years, the concept of monotheism became prevalent in all major religions.

This concept served us well until our leading scientists, to wit, Albert Einstein, affirmed that there the universe we perceive with our senses is imaginary. That there is no matter, that at the quantum level all that we perceive as solid is made up of infinitely small, one-dimensional fragments of pulsating energy. This led, to what became known as the String Theory, initially developed by Gabriele Veneziano. And now we inherited a new problem. Even as religion tried hard to give meaning to the Universe, so did our scientists. Instead of God, they invented a Black Hole. Once it exploded from the initial void, things began to give problems. In science, what goes up, must come down. However, the scientists couldn’t find any force that would pull ‘it’ down. They invented Black Matter. Then Black Energy. They kept inventing concepts until they run out of concepts. To compensate, they converted the Universe into Multiverse or an agglomeration of universes. The more the merrier.
Still… no joy.

And that’s when it struck me. I remembered the saying “as above, so below”. Good, but not accurate enough. The truth lay in the expression: “As within so without,” and vice versa. “As without so within.” Suddenly all mystery unfolded itself. All fragments of vibrating energy fell into place. There was just one problem. I am neither a scientist nor a theologian. Eureka I murmured, and sat down to write “AWAKENING—Event Horizon”. It became a euphoric marriage of science and ancient myth.


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