Thursday, 26 February 2015

A New Beginning

If followers of Jainism are right then, sooner or later, we shall start, once again, in Paradise. No, there will be no “end of the world” scenario. There is never an end—just a renewal. Like the seasons.
It is really of no consequence if we spend a decade or a century here, in this illusory reality. Our true home is not here. Here we identify with being little more than bags of water—whereas in fact, we are individualizations of a Single Consciousness. We find our becoming, our transient “lives” in countless realities, all waiting for us to be discovered. Gradually we become aware that we are but One Consciousness, endowed with limitless potential to create limitless “transitory worlds”, realities, for the enrichment of our experience. We convert the potential into the tangible. This attribute of the Single Consciousness to individualize Itself is Soul. We, Its countless expressions, are all striving to add, to contribute to the Whole.
In this task, we undergo periodic renewals.
The advantage of the material reality is that thanks to the illusion of time, we witness the consequences of our thoughts and actions almost immediately. The process of renewal enables us to build on acquired experience, discarding the ineffectual, the impermanent.
And so, our stay here, on Earth, is equivalent to taking a holiday down south, or up north, to acquire new experiences and incorporate them into our personal awareness. Just for fun. In truth, we cannot be hurt, or injured. There are no fragmented individualization of Soul in heaven or any other non-material reality. We are always complete, indivisible from the Whole.

Of course, when we vacate our bodies and continue on our evolutionary path, we take with us whatever affected our consciousness. We and only we, you and I, build all realities from the potential available. And, should we miss the object of the exercise we call life, then we “suffer” the consequences of such choices as we’ve made.
Isn’t becoming fun?
It is wise to remember that the physical universe is little more than a testing ground for the endless ideas emerging from the Infinite Potential. Physically, we are, well, little more than guinea pigs, with the potential of becoming conscious participators. It is up to us. As you can see, all of this has nothing to do with any religion. It is just the evolution of consciousness.

Below, a dramatization of how the process of change could take place. There are many indications that we are nearing the stage in our development that is calling for drastic renewal. As the “Good Book” says, there are things we cannot take with us. There are others we can. As for new wine, new ‘secret’ knowledge, we need new skins. Like new leaves in the springtime.
Find out for yourself. 

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Still a Bestseller

No, it’s not the 50th sequel to Shades of Gray or any other dismal, insipid colour. It is my “Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism!” From a choice of 30+ books, 20 of them novels, they, the people, had chosen my Dictionary! My Dictionary simply states that it is an:

“Indispensible Tool for the Understanding of the
Hidden Meaning of Scriptures.”

The Amazon description tell us that:
“For more than 2000 years, over 3300 Hebrew and/or Ancient Greek words in the Bible remained not translated. By providing the translation and often the symbolic meaning of the "missing" words, the author gives us the opportunity to finally understand the real meaning of the teaching of Moses, the Prophets, Jesus and the Evangelists.
The Method of Application shows us how.”

I had spent many months of long hours pouring over ancient tomes of countless linguists and scriptural experts who had given me their translation of the words, which for some reason in the King James, and other biblical versions, had remained not translated. Perhaps the experts retained the original Hebrew or Ancient Greek words to protect the mystery of the scriptures? “Pearls before swine?” Perhaps they just didn’t understand them?  
I don’t know.
What I do now, however, is that if you also study the symbolic meaning of those words a new understanding of the Bible will broaden your horizons. I’d suggest that at the time the Bible had been written, the people who read it understood exactly what my Dictionary enables you to understand today.
As the mysteries unfold, the original intent of the writers comes through as irrepressible truth. The unparalleled wisdom of the Bible is not about how to organize a religion and control the minds of people, but the very opposite. Through many generations it has been conceived and written by ancients to give their people freedom that was and still is their heritage, their birthright, from the most ancient times.
Perhaps people who buy AND use my DICTIONARY sense that. Perhaps that is why from the day it was published it remained, or hovered very close to being, our perennial bestseller. No, not by the standards of any number of Shades of Gray. It is a bestseller by the standards of my other 30+ books, which are still waiting to be discovered by “The Many”. Until they are they, too, will remain the staple literary nourishment for “The Chosen Few”. To them I also offer my thanks.
The DICTIONARY will NOT tell you what to think. It will NOT preach what you should or shouldn’t believe. It will set you free to think for yourself.
Good luck, and thank you. 

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Inner Reality

When we fall asleep, after a while we begin dreaming. We don’t get up to dream, we are not moving our physical body, we are not even aware of it, yet in our dreams we move around, sometimes we fly, swim effortlessly under water; some of us even visit nearby planets, sometimes stars, all without taking our physical bodies with us.
Are we dead when we dream?
And if not, what is the nature of life that permits us to indulge in such escapades?
Cogito ergo sum. “I think therefore I am” assures us the old Cartesian aphorism. Do we think when we dream? And if so, is our brain involved? When we fly or dive, do we take our brain with us? Doesn’t it rebel against us abusing the law of gravity?

I suppose some of us prefer to accept near-empty space as reality. As for our brain, by molecule count, it’s about 99% water, and it’s atoms are also 99.9999999999999% empty space.
And this leads me to a group of learned scientists, one with a Nobel Prize to his name, I’d seen on Charlie Rose Show. They told us, nay, insisted, that it is our brain that generates those dreams.
It must be their brain—after all it’s all wet.

So what can we conclude from this story? As I learned the facts of nature, the emptiness of atoms, the watery nature of our body, our brain, the material world began losing its solidity. It was becoming unreal, imaginary.
A product of our watery brain?
Or could it be that it is not the brain that produces thoughts, but our mind? The intangible, immaterial, not limited by the influx of water… mind? 
If a bag of water can produce all that the scientists claim it does, then surely, we can do as well with massless energy, with photons, that are not lumbered with weight even that of electrons, let alone the heavy-near-empty- space atoms.
Photons can behave as waves as well as quanta. It can be used as building blocks to create a body we can use in our dreams. And they could move at 186,282 miles, or almost 300,000 kilometers, per second. A lot better than our brain can do.
But then what of quanta of thoughts? Not those generated by our bag of water, but by the mind, by ideas before we convert them to symbols of words. What of those quanta? We would be free to think moon, or Saturn, or Andromeda and be there in the same instant. Or, perhaps, we’d create our planetary systems, held together by the power of our minds… systems as large as life…
We could even create sentient beings that use their minds and not bags of water to do their thinking…

Alec had such dreams. He traveled, experimented. Ultimately, he met his inner self among the stars. Find out how he did it. Perhaps, you can too…

Alexander Trilogy
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Friday, 13 February 2015

The Futility of Long Wait

Few of us seem to realize that life doesn’t begin with the first breath entering babies’ lungs, although this is certainly true of their present reincarnation. Nor does it end with the last breath—although breath, pneuma in ancient Greek, represented both breath and spirit.
For some reason various churches decided to relegate the onset of life to physiological function of conception, and then, more often than not, declared sex to be a sin.  By that definition the people I see spread out on the deckchairs around our heated pool hardly sin at all; perhaps by gluttony but hardly by sinful sex. Or perhaps life also ends with the last orgasm—or at least, life after the last one is not worth living?
Yes, I’m in Florida, taking in vitamin D. Others also take in the sun, washing it down with beer. They all recline on deckchairs, their bodies sizzling with tanning oils, seemingly waiting to be fried to death, or at least for a time when they can retire to their condos to get down to serious drinking.
It’s a long wait!

“Bored?” I asked.
They’d dreamt of the time when they’d retire, do some travelling, take a few cruises, play a little golf.
“Too late. The bones won’t let me,” they confessed sadly, in unison. “I hurt all over…”
Overweight? I didn’t ask.
“Now… we just wait…”

After 20 laps I went back to my computer, and spent the rest of the day working on my next novel. Except for the laps and a perfunctory drying out period, little has changed, here, in Florida, in my modus vivendi. I spend some 8-10 hours on my computer, writing and promoting my work. The rest of the time I enjoy the benefits that the climate has to offer. I walk and exercise a little more.
Later, my mind retuned to the prostrate bodies at the pool. I realized what happened. Those nice people think that when they die, they’ll continue to sit around, in heaven, probably upgrading their drinks to Bloody Marys, without any danger of swelling their already burgeoning rotund girths. After all, what good is heaven if you can’t enjoy with impunity what is a no-no down here?

Well, at one time or another we all delude ourselves about a thing or two. I suspect that when we fall asleep for the last time in this particular embodiment, we continue in our dream exactly as we did when we fell asleep. That is why I make sure that I only get involved in things that I love. That I dream about.
So why succumb to the Futility of a Long Wait? At the pool or anywhere? After all, there is no end. Neither is there a beginning. There is just life, in different forms, at different times. But it’s the same life. Continuous. Eternal. For those who know that one is immortal, waiting for death is such a ineffectual pastime.
Don’t you just love Life? 

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Monday, 9 February 2015

The Games

Wise men of the past (and present) tell us that we shouldn’t take life too seriously. In the 42nd logion of his Gnostic Gospel, Thomas advises us to “be passers by”. Matthew in his gospel (6:34) claims that Yeshûa advocated us “not to worry about tomorrow”. “There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever,” adds Dalai Lama XIV. So why do so many religions keep talking about suffering?
Another mystery?
Few of us seem aware that we are intended to play a lighthearted, ephemeral, illusory Game of Life; that life, here on Earth, is not real. 
However, as in every sport or game, the rules, or the Universal Laws, remain in force. When we break them, sooner of later we bear the consequences. After all, at the present, incipient, level of evolution of our individualized consciousness, this is the only way we can learn. Later, of course, as we become aware of our purpose, we begin to learn from other peoples’ mistakes, not just from our own.

What we often find hard to accept is that people “at the top” of the social and financial or political ladder are also playing the game, usually, like the rest of us, quite unaware of the consequences that will catch up with them.
The paradox which most of us do not seem to appreciate is that, more often than not, the ‘consequences’ of our physical activities, are only played out at the emotional and/or mental plane. This means that we pay for our errors in judgment emotionally, or in mental anguish, as in pangs of conscience, and both these only take place after we leave our physical bodies.  

We know that we are all here to learn. While on Earth, we take part in various games. Our subconscious mind keeps a strict record of our activities and our associated emotions and mental acrobatics, in order to enrich our real life, the life that is not limited to our physical bodies.
While we perform various tasks it must be remembered that all of us must, eventually, acquire every single experience that this transient life has to offer. We must be poor and we must be rich. We must be obedient and also those who give orders. We must be rulers and the ruled—leaders of large countries or homeless hobos. We could be wise or struggling to deal with an inferior mind. All possible combinations are ours to explore. None are more important than others. What is important that whatever role we play in the universal game we do our absolute best. That’s what the game is about: universality and quality. And the game goes on forever—until we experience all roles and do a royal performance in each one of them. And there are countless roles that at present exist only in the infinite potential of our unconscious.

There are many other subjects of interest discussed in my essays below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on them. 

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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Third Party

As the name of my blog implies, I refer to the human race as consisting of two factions, the first being “the many” (symbolized by Paul), and the “chosen few”, who attempt to follow in Peter’s footsteps.
What I failed to mention was that both these groups have already taken their first steps towards the true reality. This remains true, but only to a point. What I didn’t mention was the overwhelming majority, the so-called masses, whose ears and eyes remain closed to that which is real.
A more accurate description of the three groups would be, “the awakened”, “the awakening”, and those still “fast asleep”. Yeshûa referred the last group was as “the dead”—those still dead—not aware of their heritage. However, their POTENTIAL, though dormant, remains the same: INFINITE.

Hence, the “Third Party”.
They are people who spend their stint in this world without even suspecting that there is more to life than physical or material existence. They are like precious computers, which no one has learned to use. They are still in the reactive mode, like the rest of the animal kingdom. The fact that within them lies an infinite potential has never crossed their mind, and should one mention this idea to them, they would call one a religious maniac.
Regrettably, all too often, they would be right!  
The problem is that that being awake has nothing to do with any religion. The fact is that the great Avatars of the past who discovered this immense potential within the human entity never went to church, never attended any religious services, never searched for god outside their own self. In fact they denied being ‘masters’, or even ‘good’, let alone laying claim to any divinity. Such titles had been superimposed on them by people who wanted to exploit their teaching for their own ends.
From the vast ocean of human species that continues in the reactive mode, Paul attempted to stir a hunger for more. He tried to inspire them to become proactive. Only later, much later, from among the people emerging from psychic ‘hibernation’ did some awaken to a greater reality. They began to discover the infinite potential fulminating within them.
This evolution of individualized consciousness is an endless process that began at the stage of an amoeba, and over millions of years can reach the stage of an Avatar, who manifests truly divine qualities in diverse walks of life. The awakening is the true beginning. The journey is eternal, as is the Universe. Until that instant of eternity, the potential lies dormant within each one of us, waiting to be discovered. 

In relatively recent times (some 2000 years ago) Peter Simon, the Rock, discovered it first, while Paul, originally known as Saul, did so only in the last moments of his life on Earth. Perhaps it is your turn next? The day you awaken, you become immortal. Good luck. 

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