Thursday, 26 February 2015

A New Beginning

If followers of Jainism are right then, sooner or later, we shall start, once again, in Paradise. No, there will be no “end of the world” scenario. There is never an end—just a renewal. Like the seasons.
It is really of no consequence if we spend a decade or a century here, in this illusory reality. Our true home is not here. Here we identify with being little more than bags of water—whereas in fact, we are individualizations of a Single Consciousness. We find our becoming, our transient “lives” in countless realities, all waiting for us to be discovered. Gradually we become aware that we are but One Consciousness, endowed with limitless potential to create limitless “transitory worlds”, realities, for the enrichment of our experience. We convert the potential into the tangible. This attribute of the Single Consciousness to individualize Itself is Soul. We, Its countless expressions, are all striving to add, to contribute to the Whole.
In this task, we undergo periodic renewals.
The advantage of the material reality is that thanks to the illusion of time, we witness the consequences of our thoughts and actions almost immediately. The process of renewal enables us to build on acquired experience, discarding the ineffectual, the impermanent.
And so, our stay here, on Earth, is equivalent to taking a holiday down south, or up north, to acquire new experiences and incorporate them into our personal awareness. Just for fun. In truth, we cannot be hurt, or injured. There are no fragmented individualization of Soul in heaven or any other non-material reality. We are always complete, indivisible from the Whole.

Of course, when we vacate our bodies and continue on our evolutionary path, we take with us whatever affected our consciousness. We and only we, you and I, build all realities from the potential available. And, should we miss the object of the exercise we call life, then we “suffer” the consequences of such choices as we’ve made.
Isn’t becoming fun?
It is wise to remember that the physical universe is little more than a testing ground for the endless ideas emerging from the Infinite Potential. Physically, we are, well, little more than guinea pigs, with the potential of becoming conscious participators. It is up to us. As you can see, all of this has nothing to do with any religion. It is just the evolution of consciousness.

Below, a dramatization of how the process of change could take place. There are many indications that we are nearing the stage in our development that is calling for drastic renewal. As the “Good Book” says, there are things we cannot take with us. There are others we can. As for new wine, new ‘secret’ knowledge, we need new skins. Like new leaves in the springtime.
Find out for yourself. 

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