Sunday, 22 February 2015

Still a Bestseller

No, it’s not the 50th sequel to Shades of Gray or any other dismal, insipid colour. It is my “Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism!” From a choice of 30+ books, 20 of them novels, they, the people, had chosen my Dictionary! My Dictionary simply states that it is an:

“Indispensible Tool for the Understanding of the
Hidden Meaning of Scriptures.”

The Amazon description tell us that:
“For more than 2000 years, over 3300 Hebrew and/or Ancient Greek words in the Bible remained not translated. By providing the translation and often the symbolic meaning of the "missing" words, the author gives us the opportunity to finally understand the real meaning of the teaching of Moses, the Prophets, Jesus and the Evangelists.
The Method of Application shows us how.”

I had spent many months of long hours pouring over ancient tomes of countless linguists and scriptural experts who had given me their translation of the words, which for some reason in the King James, and other biblical versions, had remained not translated. Perhaps the experts retained the original Hebrew or Ancient Greek words to protect the mystery of the scriptures? “Pearls before swine?” Perhaps they just didn’t understand them?  
I don’t know.
What I do now, however, is that if you also study the symbolic meaning of those words a new understanding of the Bible will broaden your horizons. I’d suggest that at the time the Bible had been written, the people who read it understood exactly what my Dictionary enables you to understand today.
As the mysteries unfold, the original intent of the writers comes through as irrepressible truth. The unparalleled wisdom of the Bible is not about how to organize a religion and control the minds of people, but the very opposite. Through many generations it has been conceived and written by ancients to give their people freedom that was and still is their heritage, their birthright, from the most ancient times.
Perhaps people who buy AND use my DICTIONARY sense that. Perhaps that is why from the day it was published it remained, or hovered very close to being, our perennial bestseller. No, not by the standards of any number of Shades of Gray. It is a bestseller by the standards of my other 30+ books, which are still waiting to be discovered by “The Many”. Until they are they, too, will remain the staple literary nourishment for “The Chosen Few”. To them I also offer my thanks.
The DICTIONARY will NOT tell you what to think. It will NOT preach what you should or shouldn’t believe. It will set you free to think for yourself.
Good luck, and thank you. 

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