Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Third Party

As the name of my blog implies, I refer to the human race as consisting of two factions, the first being “the many” (symbolized by Paul), and the “chosen few”, who attempt to follow in Peter’s footsteps.
What I failed to mention was that both these groups have already taken their first steps towards the true reality. This remains true, but only to a point. What I didn’t mention was the overwhelming majority, the so-called masses, whose ears and eyes remain closed to that which is real.
A more accurate description of the three groups would be, “the awakened”, “the awakening”, and those still “fast asleep”. Yeshûa referred the last group was as “the dead”—those still dead—not aware of their heritage. However, their POTENTIAL, though dormant, remains the same: INFINITE.

Hence, the “Third Party”.
They are people who spend their stint in this world without even suspecting that there is more to life than physical or material existence. They are like precious computers, which no one has learned to use. They are still in the reactive mode, like the rest of the animal kingdom. The fact that within them lies an infinite potential has never crossed their mind, and should one mention this idea to them, they would call one a religious maniac.
Regrettably, all too often, they would be right!  
The problem is that that being awake has nothing to do with any religion. The fact is that the great Avatars of the past who discovered this immense potential within the human entity never went to church, never attended any religious services, never searched for god outside their own self. In fact they denied being ‘masters’, or even ‘good’, let alone laying claim to any divinity. Such titles had been superimposed on them by people who wanted to exploit their teaching for their own ends.
From the vast ocean of human species that continues in the reactive mode, Paul attempted to stir a hunger for more. He tried to inspire them to become proactive. Only later, much later, from among the people emerging from psychic ‘hibernation’ did some awaken to a greater reality. They began to discover the infinite potential fulminating within them.
This evolution of individualized consciousness is an endless process that began at the stage of an amoeba, and over millions of years can reach the stage of an Avatar, who manifests truly divine qualities in diverse walks of life. The awakening is the true beginning. The journey is eternal, as is the Universe. Until that instant of eternity, the potential lies dormant within each one of us, waiting to be discovered. 

In relatively recent times (some 2000 years ago) Peter Simon, the Rock, discovered it first, while Paul, originally known as Saul, did so only in the last moments of his life on Earth. Perhaps it is your turn next? The day you awaken, you become immortal. Good luck. 

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