Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Inner Reality

When we fall asleep, after a while we begin dreaming. We don’t get up to dream, we are not moving our physical body, we are not even aware of it, yet in our dreams we move around, sometimes we fly, swim effortlessly under water; some of us even visit nearby planets, sometimes stars, all without taking our physical bodies with us.
Are we dead when we dream?
And if not, what is the nature of life that permits us to indulge in such escapades?
Cogito ergo sum. “I think therefore I am” assures us the old Cartesian aphorism. Do we think when we dream? And if so, is our brain involved? When we fly or dive, do we take our brain with us? Doesn’t it rebel against us abusing the law of gravity?

I suppose some of us prefer to accept near-empty space as reality. As for our brain, by molecule count, it’s about 99% water, and it’s atoms are also 99.9999999999999% empty space.
And this leads me to a group of learned scientists, one with a Nobel Prize to his name, I’d seen on Charlie Rose Show. They told us, nay, insisted, that it is our brain that generates those dreams.
It must be their brain—after all it’s all wet.

So what can we conclude from this story? As I learned the facts of nature, the emptiness of atoms, the watery nature of our body, our brain, the material world began losing its solidity. It was becoming unreal, imaginary.
A product of our watery brain?
Or could it be that it is not the brain that produces thoughts, but our mind? The intangible, immaterial, not limited by the influx of water… mind? 
If a bag of water can produce all that the scientists claim it does, then surely, we can do as well with massless energy, with photons, that are not lumbered with weight even that of electrons, let alone the heavy-near-empty- space atoms.
Photons can behave as waves as well as quanta. It can be used as building blocks to create a body we can use in our dreams. And they could move at 186,282 miles, or almost 300,000 kilometers, per second. A lot better than our brain can do.
But then what of quanta of thoughts? Not those generated by our bag of water, but by the mind, by ideas before we convert them to symbols of words. What of those quanta? We would be free to think moon, or Saturn, or Andromeda and be there in the same instant. Or, perhaps, we’d create our planetary systems, held together by the power of our minds… systems as large as life…
We could even create sentient beings that use their minds and not bags of water to do their thinking…

Alec had such dreams. He traveled, experimented. Ultimately, he met his inner self among the stars. Find out how he did it. Perhaps, you can too…

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  1. A best seller? By some standards you have several! Uniformly 5* and counting.

    1. Alas, to be a writing success, you must write for "The many". We write for "The Few". All explained in tomorrow's blog. (Not that you need any explanations, LOL) 50 Shades of Dullness has 7266 ONE star ratings and made millions. I doubt I have that many sales from ALL my books. Hence, I keep dreaming.