Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Immortal Atheist

This will shock many, but contrary to popular belief, Yeshûa, popularly known as Jesus, refused to recognize any ‘external’ divinity. He repeated that his ‘father’ is in heaven, AND that “heaven is within you”.  Within you and me. Within all of us. Everywhere.
Enter religions:
People need gods. They need someone “up there”, who can protect them from all adversity, from everything with which they cannot cope on their own. Yeshûa didn’t. He searched. 
Luke, the evangelist, admits that “Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man,” (Luke 2:52). He suggests that Jesus had a lot to learn. Yeshûa wasn’t omniscient. He also refused to have people address him as master. He quoted the psalmist “You are gods; and ALL of you are children of the most High.” (Psalm 82:6) Note, not I am, only ye are. And he never claimed to be anything more than a son, one of many children of… the most High.
It seems when he talked about the ‘father’ he was using a term that defined any form of individualized consciousness. He affirmed that ‘spirit’ is ubiquitous, and, like it or not, it is as much in you and me, and in Yeshûa or anyone else.
Hence, the Spirit, or Life, or Consciousness, is not limited to the goody-goody people prostrating themselves at the steps of an altar. It is:


Not up there, or down there, or up here or there, but everywhere—billion light-years away, and here. Yeshûa’s father cannot be individualized in anyone person. It is, to use Yeshûa’s words, “in spirit”. And what spirit is, you have to find out for yourself. It took young Yeshûa eighteen years to discover it for himself. Hopefully, following his example, it might take us less time.
But, please, do it on your own. If you listen to others you’ll have to forget Infinite Love. They might tell you that god is an Old Man who rewards or punishes us forever, as we ‘justly’ deserve. They might be those to whom Yeshûa referred when he said, “let the dead burry the dead”.
The Truth we must always find on our own.

Below you can find out how Yeshûa did it. Or might have done it. How some of us might do it. Or might find our own a better way. Quicker?
It has been said that it is a meticulously researched historical novel describing in intimate detail the 18 years missing from the Biblical accounts in the life of Jesus. I would not advise you to emulate Yeshûa, although you’d be hard put to find a Greater Teacher.
Good luck.
There is nothing as much fun as being ‘atheist’. The only divinity you can ever discover is in heaven; i.e., within you. The only infinite potential you must recognize is the potential hidden deep within your consciousness. Just as Yeshûa did—that spark of immortality within our own consciousness.  
If you do, you’ll never be alone again. Never.
Good luck.

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