Thursday, 16 July 2015

Enigma of the Second Coming

To most people, especially in the Wild West, the mention of the “Second Coming” invokes images of clouds convoluting over our heads from which emerges a Man endowed with great power. He may be black or white, brown or blue eyed, dark or golden-haired but to all it is, indubitably, without a shadow of doubt, the irrepressible image of Jesus Christ.
We all seem to have forgotten that Yeshûa went to heaven. The problem is that heaven is WITHIN us, and thus if he is to return it will not happen up above but deep within.
Prepare for another surprise. The event can happen at any time, on any day, to any person.  Individually. Within?

Little more than a 100, some say as early as 71 years, after Yeshûa’s death, his followers longing took a new turn. They quenched their anguish by writing their memoirs. It wasn’t enough. Soon they began to fantasize about their Master’s “Second Coming” in majestic glory.  
Matthew mentions such providential event twice. Others mostly in epistles. Yet the Son of Man insisted on ascending to heaven, and… as we all know, “heaven is within you”. Within you, and me. The scribes let their emotions run wild with them.
 You can guess the rest.
And thus the “Second Coming”, if such there be, must be a total change in the state of consciousness within each one of us. Or at least, some…

Perhaps the Consciousness which incarnated Itself in Yeshûa’s body will look for more propitious hosts to advance phenomenal evolution. It is more than evident that Homo sapiens is an abysmal failure. We are now on the verge of destroying our planet with pollution, nuclear, or political games, which plutocrats are playing at our expense. The end might indeed be near for our species, if not for Earth itself. The Kingdom we have built within will continue.
Sorry, that’s not what my novel is about.

In “ENIGMA”, I offer an inscrutably unique method of saving our world. Whatever you heard, or seen, or hoped for, I am prepared to bet that you’ll never guess how it happens in my book. Yet, how exciting it might be! I saw it in my mind’s eye, within, on the way to my personal heaven.
We must bear in mind that there is only One Life-Force—a single life-sustaining amorphous energy. It manifests Itself through any and all means at Its disposal. Let us remember that at the chemical level, the cells of all animals and plants contain DNA in the same shape: the famous twisted ladder we know as the “double helix”. The molecules of animal DNA and plant DNA are made from the same four chemical building blocks called nucleotides. And physically, we are very much animals.

You might imagine a different Second Coming for us and for our planet. Whatever it might be, don’t count on it. It might be different for each one of us. Even for those who read my book. Let me know.

Of the Second Coming
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  1. How DO you do it? Day in, day out. Is despair a stranger to you? Or are you just better than the rest of us at the 'get thee behind me'?

    1. I'll take that as a complement. Seriously though, I've long decided to be part of the Process, not the result.
      (I have my darker moments; I get those behind quickly. If fact, they surprise me. I observe them as though they were happening to somebody else).

  2. 'Violence, chaos and bloodshed' I think we qualify!