Sunday, 12 July 2015

Secrets Unveiled

 I compiled the Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism for quasi atheists. The Dictionary shows that the Bible has little to do with any religion. It is a compendium of knowledge accumulated over a few millennia. It is veiled in symbolic form to preserve it from future generations misusing its secrets. 
The ancients already knew that the physical reality is illusory, Maya, and that the creative process is hidden deep in our psyche. In classical mythology, psyche stood for a personification of soul. In the Bible it stands for, what in modern language we call, the Subconscious. The Neoplatonists regarded soul as “second emanation of the One”, the Universal Consciousness, the animating principle of the world. 
This last is the nearest to my own understanding. I consider us to be the individualizations of Single Consciousness, the underlying principle of all realities. As such It is an indestructible and indivisible part of the Whole.

Why the Dictionary?
The Bible offers power without corruption.
For some reason the learned doctors of the church, or churches, the theological historians, linguists, and perhaps precautionary experts, have decided not to translate of some 3300 both Greek and Hebrew words. Whether they did so knowingly to protect the original meaning, or out of sheer ignorance, remains a moot point. I took it upon myself to find the translation for my readers, assuming that at least some of us may have matured sufficiently to study the original meaning, and not to rely of the sacerdotal fraternity to spoon feed us second-hand, badly transmuted fragments.
Now the secrets of the past are available to you. What you decide to do with them is up to you. In the book I offer a few examples of my own interpretation, leaving the overwhelming rest of the secrets of the Bible in you hands.
And believe me, they are quite incredible secrets. But most of all, they have nothing to do with any religion I can think of. The Bible truly is a study of the reality in which we find our Becoming.
There is another item.
The Bible teaches us not only how to perceive the Truth, but how to apply is in our lives in order to be happy. It truly holds the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Not the religious heaven after you die, but the true Heaven, the state of consciousness, which awaits to be discovered within your own consciousness.
The rest is up to you.

Finally, I’d like to suggest the principle difference between the mundane thinking and the biblical approach.
According to most scientists, we are (approx.) seven billion, billion, billion (7x1027) atoms, swirling around with many more electrons adding to their diverse orbits.
The Bible teaches you to think of yourself as the intangible eye at the centre of this universal hurricane. Only there you can find peace beyond human understanding. It is that peace that you can find in the Bible if you remove the protective veil.
If you look hard enough.
Good luck. 

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