Friday, 24 July 2015

Divine Void and the Big Bang.

Human rules serve to benefit our bodies. The Universal Laws enhance our creative process. We must bear in mind that before the world came into being, everything already existed in potential form. This potentiality, which the astrophysicists came to call the Void, is referred to by some people as the Source, or just, simply God.
Since the astrophysicists grudgingly admit that before the Big Bang there was no ‘space’, we can safely assume that the Void was omnipresent. Also, they say, the Void, being vacuum, was inherently unstable, and thus produced the Big Bang.

Over the years, due to the inherent instability of the human ego, we assigned to God all sorts of characteristic, which in the Void existed (as did everything else) only in their potential form. The purpose of evolution is to convert the potential into a phenomenal manifestation. Universal Laws control the Process, and the Void (or God) has no further influence on phenomenal activities.
The Universal Laws permit the phenomenal end product to participate in the Process itself. This Process we call Life. It consists of converting ideas into mental patterns, and ignite them with emotional imagination. We, humans, just as all living forms, attest to the adequacy of the Process. We, as such, are only transient means.
We already know from Albert Einstein that nothing in the world can be created or destroyed. However, the vibrations that govern the energies of which the phenomenal Universe consists, originate in the amorphous energy, which permeate the Universal Void. All energies, when subjected to the influence of the energy generated by an idea, initiate rates of vibrations which can transmute from one to another, ad infinitum.
As the Void (Source, God) is inexhaustible, so is the Process. Hence the phenomenal Universe, though in constant flux, and in its different transient forms, remains eternal.

Those of us who wish to participate in the Creative Process in full consciousness, try to discover what particular purpose we are intended to serve. In other words, in what manner and to what end the “idea that we became” is to serve the Universal Purpose.

And this brings us to SACHA, the protagonist of Book III of my Alexander Trilogy. Sacha was obsessed with the notion that, while occupying a phenomenal body, he must serve a unique purpose. It bears mentioning that as the Void is omnipresent, hence it is also within us. That Void, or the Inherent Creative Potential is, as our scientists tell us, inherently unstable. It is the amorphous energy whose creative nature advances evolution towards ever more complex forms.
This is the mystery of Complexity.
Sacha had no idea what his purpose was. Nevertheless, he never doubted that providing he’d not give up, his purpose would become known to him.
It did. It was astounding and inherently unstable. It seemed that Sacha was an instrument through which the human evolution would change course—and do so in most unexpected manner. Nothing could resist it.
Find out for yourself. 

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  1. Evolution is Dawkins's 'field'? So Dawkins is God? I always wondered why he was so very certain! But it strikes me HE evolves and changes rather less than anything else! Something wrong there...

  2. Tends to be true of most evangelicals, even evangelical 'scientism'!