Monday, 27 October 2014

The Mystery of Water

Someone once said that divinity is like water, that it always finds its lowest level. So it is with us, fragments of the eternal, omnipresent Consciousness.
Imagine a drop in an ocean. An ocean that reaches beyond all horizons. An ocean that is limitless—that stretches to infinity. Once, you and I were drops of water in that ocean. We’ve never experienced anything other than water, caressing us on all sides. We floated happily without a single care. For countless aeons we could only experience other drops, hovering, suspended all around us. And then a strange thing happened. We have been lifted, almost weightless, from our home. We evaporated.
For a while we wandered the blue yonder above, experiencing the warmth of the sun, gusts of wind. We have become rarified elements, suspended in an environment quite strange to us. No matter, there have been many before us visiting these environs.
Soon we combined, again, into drops. We gained weight and fell down as rain. Now really strange things began to unfold.
We penetrated the soil. Soon, we were absorbed by strange tendrils. Some of us were drawn up, through inner channels of these strange beings. Some of us rose up and gave leaves their vitality.
We gave them Life!
Gradually, over eons of time, rivers carried some of us back to the endless ocean. Some of us lingered behind. We evaporated again. We liked giving Life. Again, we have been absorbed by many plants.
And then an even stranger thing happened.
Even as we imbued Life to those plants, they were absorbed into absolute darkness. Over millions of years, we discovered that we have been assimilated by two legged biological robots. Soon, we formed 60% of their bodies. We concentrated our presence in an organ they called ‘brain’, in which we took over 75% of its volume. It helped us to control the robots.

After a long while some of the robots imagined that they were autonomous. They didn’t even know that they were robots kept alive by our presence. They called themselves humans.
Most of them still delude themselves that they are supreme creations of divine origin, masters of their own fate. Very few of them identify with the Life-Force within them. With us. No, not with water, but we the Life-Force that resides within us. Frankly, the Force is omnipresent ever on the look out for means of expressing Itself.
We, drops, are but the means; the cycle of Life ever coming and going, ever changing, becoming a new expression of Life, only to eventually return home. To the infinity of the Ocean.
In the Ocean we find our Being. Up there, beyond, we experience Becoming. It is the trip that matters—the eternal, magnificent journey of Life. It may be little more than a dream, but it’s a most wonderful illusion.
I see other drops smiling…
As we look back, we see that humans entertain many other illusions.

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Lucid Dreaming—Gateway to Your Subconscious

Most of us, without conscious awareness, had experienced Lucid Dreams. The Internet is full of explanations of what they are. Those explanations may be true for some, but for me lucid dreams are little more than the Antechamber of Heaven.
Yes. Your own, personal, heaven—a reality of your own making. After all, you can dream whatever you want. No limits. None at all.
I choose to call Lucid Dreams the “Antechamber of Heaven” because there is no limit on the states of consciousness you can achieve. We start with, what some call Astral World. It is a realm, a state of consciousness, wherein imagination is an added dimension. From there on we advance (and multiply the dimensions) until we eventually reunite with the original Source from which we emerged.
There is but single Consciousness.
We all create and enrich our heavens, our states of consciousness, in which we accept only that which we perceive as real. Considering that the material world is essentially empty space, this should come as no surprise.
Hence… lucid dreaming.

We spend a third of our life sleeping and dreaming. By the time we reach 60, we’d spent 20 years in slumber. As consciousness never sleeps, we missed out on 20 years. 
When we dream, we enter the realm of our subconscious. Billions upon billions of years of memories are stored there. We gain access to them, and can relive them at will. We can walk through walls, fly like a bird, swim like a fish. Even more so. Since once we had been disembodied entities (before “god gave us skins”), we can visit other planets, galaxies, realities in a timeless reality. We alone place limitations on our heaven.
There are no limitations on infinity.
In lucid dreams we can experiment. Our choices depend on our accumulated knowledge, on our willingness to enter realms that seem unknown. Make no mistake about it. Heaven is for the intrepid soldiers of fortune that dare to venture into the unknown. The seemingly unknown. We’ve been there before but without present awareness.
We’ve grown. Evolved?  
Lucid dreams are ours to explore. However, we must learn the rules, the laws, governing inner realities. If you don’t close your eyes when you walk through walls, you get a nasty bump on your head. Yes, even in lucid dreams. Our consciousness responds to our senses—wonderful, enhanced senses. There was a time when people, some people, knew that. Now… it all seems lost in the antiquity.
No more!
We can learn lucid dreaming, wherein we enter the true realities we’ve created over eons of existence. In dreams we enter our true kingdoms.

In my Aquarius Trilogy, consisting of “WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality”, followed by the “PLUTO EFFECT”, and the “OLYMPUS” below, Simon Jones struggles to achieve the understanding this very reality, in which we all enjoy our becoming. Eventually he succeeds. If you read the Trilogy, so might you. Good luck. 

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Chicken or the Egg.

Even the smartest people, those with a string of PhDs to their name, do not pretend that they are computers. They might sit in front of one for hours waiting for it to provide them with an answer to some enigmatic question, alas, to no avail. Unless they punch some keys, which will stir the hardware and software into action, nothing much happens.
And yet, those very same self-confessed savants claim that their brain acts on its own, without the intercession of their will—their intangible, elusive, impalpable ‘Self’. They simply cannot accept that that which cannot be seen, felt, measured or even recognized by any of their increasingly complex electronic machinery seems to control that which is measurable, tangible, palpable and equally as complex.
They can accept that it takes ‘them’ to drive a car, to operate a computer, but not to operate their brain.
“Au contraire, they announce in a loud voice filled with self-righteous self-importance. “We don’t think”, they say. “Our brains do.”
If that were true, they would forever remain in a reactive mode. They would respond or react to the dictates of their brain and genetic makeup—as does the rest of the animal kingdom.
Fortunately for the human species, we are capable of being proactive.

The eternal question for people steeped in scientific fundamentalism is whether brain produced mind, or did mind produce brain. The chicken or the egg.
There is one other problem.
Expecting our brain to upgrade itself with new information is like waiting for your car to fill itself with gas, or your computer to design it’s own software. If we do not introduce new software into our biological computer particularly in our older years, our biological computer cannot handle the feedback from our senses and incorporate it into its data storage.
Hence, it is up to us to continue feeding new information to our brain, to analyze it, process it, and enrich our data storage with the new facts, no matter what age we are. Otherwise a disorder like Alzheimer might set in. We never reach an age when our brain can work by itself. It needs continued upgrades with new data, which adjust the software to handle new input.
Billions of years of evolution equipped us with a magnificent computer that enables us to transpose ideas into symbols we call words, and arrange them into a system of communication with others. One day we shall learn to communicate our thoughts directly. It is the method that most animals have retained, while we have lost it somewhere along our arduous materialization of our illusory image of the world. It is high time to reverse this foolhardy predilection.
Our minds created a magnificent instrument. We must use it the way it had been intended to be used, and not blame it for our inadequacies.

Marvin Clark called this apparent enigma Chicken Omelet. See if you agree with him.

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Many and the Few

Originally this phrase, “The Many and the Few” exemplified the struggles of Paul and Peter in the Acts of the Apostles. Hence my blog. And then there are times when inspiration, indeed wisdom, comes from most unexpected quarters. During lunch I clicked on TV to find Charlie Rose hosting Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Yes, the Russian ex-oligarch is my surprising source.
Perhaps Mikhail’s stint in jail, for whatever reason, has cleansed him from the dangers inherent in ever-corrupting vicissitudes of power. Surely, the man, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, formally Russia’s richest man, must have been exposed to its wiles. Although according to Wikipedia, Russia sports a mere 111 billionaires to the USA’s 492, (after all USA is a democracy where more people are equal), Mikhail’s wealth must have placed him under considerable temptation.
What caught my attention, however, was not Khodorkovsky’s unexpected release from jail, but a statement he made about his political views. My own views are tempered by the conviction that, while no two people are equal, we are all endowed with inherent, if deeply hidden, near-infinite creative power. As long as we do not externalize this power, assigning it to some distant divinity hovering on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, we can, in time, discover it within ourselves. Within our consciousness.
Hence Mikhail’s statement was so vital to me.
He stated, roughly, that since the “authorities” have, and continue to make, such grossly evident mess of things, surely “people” simply couldn’t do any worse.
I was stunned. Surely, he was right. The “authorities” are making an absolute mess of political, social, military, and every other governance. They even manage to fail in the field of education. Could any bunch of “ordinary” people do worse?
Any bunch?

There are wonderful both a priori and consequences (a posteriori) of this view. Since we, individually, are equipped with inherent infinite potential, and NO organization is, hence we must make decisions, and not those few who have proven, time and again, their complete and utter inability to do so. At least if we messed things up we would pay the piper, while the “authorities” would no longer retire at somewhere between $170,000 and $400,000 (£400,000 in the UK) per year on life-long pensions.
You and I must make the decisions—they, the bumbling authorities, must carry out our orders. In this electronic age this should be amply possible with the use of referenda published on the Internet.
At long last real Democracy?
We are, according to some, created unto the image and likeness of God. To my knowledge, not a single government was. Nor any organization. Nor even the Pentagon. Neither were the oil Sheiks of Saudi Arabia. Mikhail Khodorkovsky seems to have realized that. Why can’t we?
So now we’ve come a full circle. The Many would decide what the Few must do. E pluribus Unum at last. Of course, this applies only to material existence. Perhaps Paul was right, “down here”. Peter’s interests lay elsewhere. 

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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Reality—on Subjective and Objective Perception.

Your world and my world are, well… worlds apart. That which we share is objective reality. The rest is subjective. When you and I die (vacate our physical bodies), we return to the subjective reality we have created not only during the immediately preceding lifetime, but to a reality of memories we have accumulated since the moment of the individualization of our consciousness.
We are immortal, but not necessarily as individualized entities. In a few trillion years we might decide that we have accumulated enough memories to spend the rest of our existence gallivanting through them. We can ‘replay’ our favourite memories, employing all our enhanced senses, an endless number of times. Or, which is more likely, we might decide to merge once again with the Source from which we emerged (individualized). If we do, we shall enrich the potential for all still individualized entities to draw on for aeons to come. After all, in essence, we always remained One.
As there is neither beginning nor end to the omnipresent consciousness, its indescribable richness is unimaginable. As it is infinite, hence is also unknowable.
How do I know all this?
I don’t?
The awareness I am sharing with you is, however, the subjective image of my reality—the product of some 70 years of daily contemplation in this life, and perhaps a million times as many in my previous incarnations. If you choose to agree with my postulates, then for us, for you and me, my image will become objective. It just takes two or three of us to make it so. Together we shall enrich our heaven.
Isn’t it fun?

I mentioned before that both space and time are illusory concepts. They belong to an imaginary, transient, ephemeral reality. Even if you accept your subjective reality as real, both you and I are immortal in the singularity of NOW.
The eternal, wondrous, intangible, enchanting NOW.
By definition, infinity has neither beginning nor end. We are the Observers of transient realities we create as they move through time and space, eternally, in the ephemeral bliss of Becoming.
Welcome to my world. 

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