Monday, 28 July 2014

Us, Him, and Them

And God made them male and female. For some reason all translations of the Torah refer to “male and female”. NOT to man and woman. This should be a dead giveaway. Surely such definition applies to virtually all of the animal kingdom. On the other hand, we are also told that god created us in his image. That would make god male and female. You can’t have it any other way. Either that or god has a rib missing.
Gods don’t lie. It must be so.
On the other hand god could be a hermaphrodite. The original hermaphrodite? But I doubt it. If he were, he’d want to multiply. We would have many, many gods. Godletts? On yet another hand, if the same scriptures refer to us as “ye are gods”, then plural is more than appropriate. Of course, Elohim is plural and they created the world, not just us…
So if we are in gods’ image we are hermaphrodites, only in our case we spread our bisexuality over many years. It’s the only way we can contrive to be like gods. We do so by alternating our sexuality in our successive reincarnations. This should cheer up anyone who considers his or her sex superior to the other. Better luck next time!
All of the above should satisfy the fundamentalists who, until now, probably had problems visualizing a hermaphroditic god (or gods) who made him/herself in our image and likeness. Or the other way round? Never mind.
Or else…
Or else all of the above has nothing whatsoever to do with our sexual organs. Perhaps we just embody the ability to have conscious awareness of being creative, kind, compassionate, loving, giving and forgiving, generous (raining on the just and the unjust), and too pure to behold evil—hence being nonjudgmental, immortal, beyond time and space… and manifesting a billion other divine traits?
Imagine not being too pure to behold evil…
Surely, that can’t be human?
Perhaps we, too, are intended to be what the opposites have in common? The middle paths, remember? Perhaps these are the likenesses that we embody in our consciousness. These and countless others, that will evolve and multiply to the end of time.
Into eternity…
Perhaps our likeness to the divine has nothing to do with our sexual organs, no matter how exciting they may be to us at a certain age. Perhaps it is not our bodies that we are to multiply but the divine attributes lying deep within us?
Perhaps we are states of consciousness embodied in all animal species—like the life force. The other animals’ turn will come; are we not all from a Single Source? For now, only we, some of us, have the ability to perceive our inherent heritage—our latent divinity. Perhaps only that makes us men and women, and not just male and female.

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