Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Problem with Immortality

We’ve all heard about reincarnation. These individual cycles are relatively short. They last usually less than a 100 years in physical reality followed by (usually) less than the equivalent of ‘earthly’ 1000 years on the Astral Plane, where we enjoy (or suffer) the consequences of our life on Earth. We have a foretaste of the Astral Plane in our dreams and nightmares. As always, action results in equal though opposite reaction both in material and astral realities.
Luckily, the consequences in the Astral Plane are not permanent.
But then, there are also larger cycles, referred to as the Cycles of the Zodiac. They consist of 12 segments adding up to 26,000 years. Those who reach a degree of balance in their accounts will continue to advance on the eternal path. The others (‘the many’) those who for whatever reason did not fulfill their (self) assigned tasks, will have to start from scratch, or almost so. Perhaps they’ll transmigrate, or metamorphose into higher or lower animals. The worst cases might retreat all the way to a mono-cellular amoeba.
How many will continue and how many will start again? As always it is up to us. We are the sole masters of our destiny.
However, we would be wise to heed the warning.
We are told that: “many are called but few are chosen”. If we qualify this statement by the fact that we are all endowed with (relatively) freewill, it stands to reason that it is we, yes, you and I, who do the choosing of our own destiny. Perhaps that is why the ancients assured us that we are gods—as indeed we are. Whether we believe in this or not is of absolutely no consequence. Surly, we all know that ignorance of law is no excuse for breaking it. We are told that not “one jot or one tittle” of the Law can be broken.
This has NOTHING to do with any religion, only with the nature of reality.
Needless to say, since we are all immortal, the individualized consciousness that directs our actions (whenever our ego does not interfere) will eventually guide our return to Oneness. It might take a few million or… zillion years, but sooner or later, we shall learn and advance on the scale of evolution. Not the Darwinian kind, which deals with our physical bodies, but the real evolution, which contributes to the enormity of the Universe.
See you…  and, good luck.

PS. We mustn’t forget that the Astral Plane, or what some call heaven, is only the first Plane to which we can aspire on leaving our physical incarnations. There are endless Planes, or levels of consciousness, advancing towards the Singularity, from which we all originate. And should we eventually merge with the Singularity, our contribution shall forever enrich the Universes. That makes it all worthwhile, don’t you think? 

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