Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Emptiness, Bacteria and Atheists

The image and likeness mentioned in some ancient scriptures doesn’t refer to our bodies. Our bodies take on a slightly different meaning when we realize that while they are endowed with many trillions of cells, they have twice that number of bacteria, viruses and other microscopic vermin, which treat those very same bodies as a heavenly feeding ground. If your ambition is to identify with the bacteria, or even with their feeding ground then you are right in identifying with your physical body. In other words, if you do you are no more than a bag of bugs.

What I find utterly amazing is that the so-called atheists, who frown and ridicule any concept of god or divinity, or any intangible, nonphysical force, are more than happy identifying themselves with the trillions of bugs. Furthermore, they accept the fact that those very bugs, as well as their illustrious neurons, that’s right—their brain-cells, are made up of atoms which in turn are essentially empty space.
Almost exclusively void of everything.
Voila. We can now define all avid atheists as 99,9999999999999% empty space. And the miniscule percentage of mass which adds to their gravitas are… bugs. Bacteria. Bacilli. Microbes. Good and bad, but still unicellular microorganisms. 
Please note. This is not an attack directed at atheists. I suffer from equal inability to understand the “faithful”, who scream “Jesus” as they murder their enemies whom they are supposed to love. We, human, are a most unusual species. Perhaps that inimitable void is also true of their minds, which they insist is the byproduct of this bacterial emptiness, and not the other way round.

Speaking for myself, my mind is NOT the product of my brain, but my brain IS a byproduct of my mind; as is the rest of my body, which I use to experience the mode of becoming. I also use it for locomotion, which enables me to furnish my body with food for the bacteria. I use my body even as I use my car to get from A to B. Or to Z, for that matter—yet at no time do I identify with my car as the essence of my being. My car is not my body; nor is the biological robot which I use when needs arise. I think that my body is a most incredible product that enables me to enjoy change, which most people I know refer to as life. I hope you do likewise. 

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  1. Dear bag of cells and atoms that have aggregated in collaboration to form YOU:
    Then what are our thoughts, those electrical impulses that dart about among the bacteria and microorganisms that make the machine in which your mind travels from food source to machine maintenance? That is the other component of life forms: I call them memes. They, too, want to live, and they inhabit us with all the verve and determination of any tyrannical conqueror. They are the building blocks of minds. So when you say "I", who is doing the talking?

    Warmest greetings and affection, -- Kate

  2. (I lost my response, here we go again).
    The bugs did not collaborate to form ME, only to form a vehicle which enables me to write this memo. As for memes, Richard invented this term. Atheists are like that. They make up words to explain things which they cannot explain otherwise. I dealt with Dawkins at length in my DELUSIONS—Pragmatic Realism. I think I'll let him rest in peace—with all his bugs and memes, and empty space.

  3. PS. It's good to hear from you, Kate.