Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Of Gods and Men

After some six weeks of hard labour and another six of editing, proofreading, and commentary by my group of friends, soon, within a month or two, you will see Book 3 of my Aquarius Trilogy. Books 1 and 2, have been available on Kindle and Smashwords for some time now, and received good critical acclaim. I hope when the time comes, you’ll treat Book 3 with equal approval.
For me, this is important.
Not because it might lead to stratospheric sales (I give away hundreds, sometimes thousands of books free), but because in the last part of the Trilogy I share with you my vision of the Human Potential. This might well be the last novel I’ll ever write. Having written more than twenty of them, and having rounded them off with a few collections of short stories and even more non-fiction books, I think I’ve done my share of entertaining you. I hope that eventually you’ll enjoy them all.

Returning to Aquarius Trilogy.
I refer to the book as dealing with our ‘ultimate’ potential, excepting that ‘ultimate’ lies in the infinity of time. In fact it lies outside the confines of time altogether. I also discovered that all myths must have had something, some events or some people, on which they had been based. Otherwise, they would not have lasted the test of time. Ultimately, only truth survives, no matter how divergent, how twisted, how far it drifted from the essence from which it originated. If we unravel the superstructures that various religions have built upon them, there, deep within, far back in the hoary past, the truth still lives.
Truth is what is. All else is becoming.
And if we look around, very carefully, we shall discover that whatever has been true in the past, still lives on in the hearts of all of us. Yet is it perceived only by the chosen few.
It is perceived by the few who choose to be chosen.

For now, I hope you enjoy my search for the Human Potential that remains hidden within us, waiting to be discovered. “Eureka” is only a question of time. Ultimately, if we keep knocking, the door will be opened, even as it was in the past, but hopefully without such heavy price. The novel below described the search that two men conducted to find the truth within them. They both succeeded. I am sure that so will you. 

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