Thursday, 27 March 2014

We are both, more and less than we imagine.

Man, in his infinite pride, is exemplified by the myth of Satan. He dared to personify Universal Consciousness in their own image and likeness.
Not so. Physically, we are no more than instruments through which the process of Becoming is experienced by the singularity of Being.

Every man/woman “is given” according to his or her ability to receive. The statement that all men are born equal is total nonsense. The equipment we inherit at birth may be similar, but the tasks set by Consciousness that incarnates within us is always completely different. It is this very diversity that adds up to the gamut of Universal Consciousness. And that only if we include in this equation every living entity, human or otherwise, equipped with self-awareness. This includes all living creatures, including countless ‘aliens’, experiencing their becoming on countless planets, or other planes, or perhaps other rarified habitats.
However, it is only when the recipient of the ‘workings’ of Universal Consciousness becomes aware of this astounding gift, that such an entity, as you or I, can, in time, exercise virtually all the attributes, or characteristics, of the totality of Consciousness. In other words, a fraction of The Whole carries and is capable of manifesting the totality of The Whole.

What this means is that the Creative Force appears to choose everything, every means, through which It can experience the Process of Becoming, which we call life. This includes every entity capable of manifesting change. The awareness of this process is a different story. As mentioned, everyone “is given” according to his or her capacity to receive. And this is where ‘freewill’ comes in.
Actually, our concept of freewill is a misnomer.
We can cooperate with the Universal Consciousness, or oppose it. We can endeavor to become one with IT, or separate ourselves from IT and lose all. Our choice.
Echoes of “thy will be done…”

But we must never forget that life is defined by constant, ongoing change. Nothing static ever qualifies to be called life. On the other hand even rocks, solid stone, manifests half-life. It is constantly in some sort of movement, even as the electrons whirling within its atomic, seemingly vacuous, structure. If we try to hold on to anything, anything at all that is transient, we are destined to be disappointed. In fact, it is not possible. We, the real we, the I AM, are only visitors on Earth. We are hobos on an infinite trek across countless universes. ‘Death’ only occurs when we vacate our bodies. It is simply a gradual reversal to stasis, dissolution, regrouping, while the consciousness continues forever. But only if we think of ourselves as immortals I AMs. As states of consciousness.
Hence, immortality is really our choice…

Long ago, two men struggled between their immortal and their transient nature. Their names were Peter and Paul. Ultimately, they both succeeded in discovering the truth. I hope, we all shall, too. 

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