Monday, 17 March 2014

The Two-edged Sword

We have been sitting on the grass, watching a filigree of light and shadow flirting with the treetops. It was nearing sunset.
“Who fights with the sword, dies by the sword,” said one of my friends.
I smiled. They didn’t have weapons of mass destruction in biblical days. The phrase is only a symbolic expression of the complexities of cause and effect. Of the long arm of the universal Law of Karma.
“We spend as much on the sword than the next 13 nations put together,” George wailed. “Soon those 13 nations will turn against us…”
I had to cheer them up.
“That’s not how it works,” I began, “otherwise such action would be a paramount cause to committing suicide. No that’s not how it works…”
They were all looking at me.
“No one is going to outspend you, or even turn their arms in your direction. You and you alone will bear the burden of your karma. It cannot be otherwise.”
I looked at my friends. They all looked worried but more so, they looked lost. How could I tell them the truth?
“Not a shot will be fired, at least not against you.” I could add that they will continue to do most of the firing but they were sufficiently depressed already.
“No,” I began again.
How could I tell them that by spending all the money on weapons of mass destruction there would be no money left for the infrastructure? For the roads and bridges that were beginning to crumble? For the education was already beginning lag behind the rest of the world? The killing of others would simply result in their next incarnation being on the receiving end, yet for the masses, the national Karma would be taken care of within the country. Within this glorious country build with such incredible effort by their fathers and grandfathers. How could I tell them that?
“Don’t worry,” I told them. Worry…”
“…gets you nowhere at all?” George quipped.
“Worry will not solve the problems. Do the best you can and I assure you, not one of you will suffer the consequences that you haven’t earned.” I looked around at the small gathering. “Now that doesn’t worry you, does it?”
The faces facing me were only partially reassured. They were all good people. Like their fathers and grandfathers. And mothers and grandmas. Pity about the others, I thought. Great power carries great responsibilities. It is not easy being a god. Large or small. Divinity is hard. Hard on your present and hard on your future. Sometimes it is better to be among the many than among the few. And to live in the present.
Just then the sun dipped behind the trees and we were all surrounded with darkness. Except for the light within.

Sometimes we have to walk through walls to find our way. So did the protagonists in my novel, book one of the Aquarius Trilogy. We might have to do so also. 

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