Saturday, 22 March 2014

Buddha’s Secret

When we say that God is good, we must ask, “good for you or for me?” Will He provide me with good more so than you? Or perhaps He/She is good only for my sworn enemy? His God or my God?
Or is a good God, an Entity created out of our need?
Those of us who pray do not ask for blessings for our enemies in preference to our own. And anyway, the prayer is academic. God being ubiquitous, He/She is within us. Within you and me. And also being ubiquitous, we, all of us, are by definition within God. It seems like an equitable arrangement. But, of course, there are consequences.
And this is Buddha’s secret.
Ubiquity precludes separation of us from god. The two are one. We are little more than instruments though which the Omnipresent Consciousness, God if you like, experiences the process of becoming. It is the means through which that which IS partakes in Becoming. Becoming is the process of change, of translating the potential into the manifested, which we know as life. Being is static, eternal, unchangeable, omnipresent and omniscient. Everything already exists in its potential form. We are the means through which it becomes manifested, and then preserved in the storehouse of memories. That storehouse we call heaven.
Think of a book that exists, in all its details and development within your head. One day you sit down and start writing. And then, some day later, lo and behold, a book is born. You are the creator that translated elusive ideas—which became thoughts—into words, which in turn became electronic impulses or little squiggles on paper. You converted the individual potential into manifestation that can be shared with others. That which was subjective became objective.

Being and Becoming—the two faces of God.
We are the indivisible components of God’s nature. We are the Becoming.
Within or without, nothing exists outside those two forms. Nothing exists outside “God”, which henceforth is neither good nor bad by human standards. It is only perfect in its potential form. In becoming it can always improve. Forever.

Hence the secret of Buddha.
It must have flooded his consciousness with peace beyond human understanding. Yeshûa discovered it too. He discovered the complete and utter inseparability of “man” from “God”. In fact, Yeshûa realized that he and his father are one. In different forms, but inseparable, One. As are we all.
Now, if we could only stop thinking of God as a glorified human being, an entity displaying our image and likeness, and accept the concept as omnipresent Consciousness endowed with infinite potential, in which we can participate by an act of our will, we’d have it made. We’d become filled with peace, with joy, with utter faith in the true indestructibility of our real Self; of that aspect of our consciousness that is immortal, eternal, inseparable from the Source of all life.
It is a very, very good feeling. 

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