Thursday, 13 March 2014

Status Quo

Every government, every authority, every coalition that holds power is concerned with one thing only: with the protection of Status Quo.
Change, the essence of life, is the anathema to all people who hold power. This applies to civil, military and ecclesiastic governments, scientific bodies, and any group whose welfare is defined not by what they do, but by what has already been done.
In spite of that, there is something in the universe that calls for change. This is, of course, the attribute of phenomenal reality only.
We can observe the desire for the state of balance in political formations. Democrats, (in England Socialists) originating for the Greek demos, meaning people, want change in order to improve their lot. Republicans, (elsewhere are called Conservatives), wish to conserve that which they have, usually earned by their forefathers. They hate change as a harbinger of the unknown. They recognize only status quo as good as it protects their gains. While this is by no means a sine qua non condition, in general terms members of the two virtually opposing groups adhere to those general principles. Hence, in an ideal world, the president as well as the judiciary, must always be independent of any party influences.
Alas, we do not live in an ideal world.
Nevertheless, all groups consist of individuals, aspiring to power. Yet we should not regard gods as sources of all good, but merely as sources from which ALL originates. Once we, humans, or any other intelligent creatures, rise to the status of gods, this illustrious height will not make us good or bad. Remember the story of Satan? Which way we sway will forever remain up to us. The one consolation is that the inimitable Law of Karma will invariably tend to restore the condition of balance. Hence we shall all pay the piper at our appointed time. Good or bad, the balance will be restored. The dictators will be executed, gods crucified. And we, as always will remain to fend for ourselves.

There is a misconception about what is regarded as God or godly. Divinity is power and nothing but power. Power to maintain what is which translates into the ability to maintain balance. People don’t wield power. Power uses people to maintain Status Quo.
In practical terms, for many years the US maintained balance between the two opposing forces. The dark force led them to wars, and the force of light inspired them to extend their extreme generosity to others. If they lose the capacity to maintain this balance, their world hegemony will collapse like a house of cards. There are signs on the horizon that danger is lurking.

One man managed to balance great power with great compassion. He was quite unique. Yet he, too, died to restore the balance—that his joy might remain within us, and that it might be complete. 

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