Monday, 12 June 2017

The Eternal Metamorphosis

The only reality is Consciousness. Everything else is illusion. Peter was among the Few who knew that. Paul struggled, but at the very end he realized that he’s not dying, but gaining awareness of eternal life. That’s well worth getting rid of the transient, imaginary, elusive physical body. Unfortunately his followers lost what he had gained.  
Of course, Peter and Paul, were both right. We all manifest individualizations of the amorphous energy of Life. Together, no, not just on Earth but within the Infinite Realities, we are One. You and I, and our cats and dogs, and all of animal kingdom. And the trees, and grass. And flowers. Yes, and the ‘aliens’ throughout the multiverse. Present and past. And the future ones.
We are all manifestations of the exogenous Energy of Life. Omnipresent Consciousness invades and uses whatever It’s creative impulse provides. Vibrating at different rates only to eventually, inevitably, return to be, once again, ONE.
Nothing can be created, nothing destroyed, said Albert Einstein. Just metamorphosed. So say mystics, saviours, and advanced scientists.
There is no paradox between science and faith. There is between primitive ‘scientists’ and the sacerdotal fraternities, but not between science and faith. Most physicists agree that the world we perceive with our senses, our technology, and defined with our equations, consist exclusively of energy. This omnipresent energy vibrates at different rates, changing from one form to another. Yet this was still unknown in the days of Paul. Even after he metamorphosed from Saul to Paul. Not until the very end. And this brings us to PETER & PAUL, the intuitive sequel to YESHÛA.

Yeshûa (Jesus) is gone. Times of agony, lonesomeness, murder, treachery, and destruction follow. The inhuman struggle to spread the Word among people set in pagan ways calls for ultimate sacrifice. Yet love emerges victorious.
PETER & PAUL exemplify and the Few that are chosen, and the Many that are called. You alone can decide to which group you belong. Even so, there is the “3rd Party” who were neither called nor chosen. They are the masses already equipped with the brains, yet still struggling to become human. It is not easy. There is nobles oblige. You must choose to be chosen.

A few blurbs from some 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Great Read!
Brought to life!
Very enjoyable!
Fascinating read!
Really enjoyed the book.
Historical fact dramatized.
We are all Spiritual Giants.
Historical Fiction Done Well.
Great feel for history and culture.
Fantastic exploration of early Christianity.
Excellent Look Into Peter and Paul's World.

And others…

(The book also includes preliminary research, which led the author his conclusions.)

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