Monday, 19 June 2017

CATS & DOGS Energy of Life

Life is not a biological function.
Life is an indestructible energy that offers vitality and vigor, often verve, high spirits, exuberance, zest, and enthusiasm to be creative. Life energy is as omnipresent as Consciousness itself. It tends to enter and enliven anything and everyone who can foster, promote, and stimulate its inherent potential.
In addition, Life stimulates change. It introduces, enriches and maintains a progressive change for as long as the instruments through which it manifests itself can sustain it. When they can no longer do so, it withdraws from the phenomenal universe and awaits a suitable medium, to display once again its infinite variety of characteristics. We know its activity as evolution.

The presumption that men, that humans, are the only species that manifests divine life is absurd. While it is true that we can define life as the manifestation of the divine, to usurp and limit its manifestation to a semi-intelligent species is truly absurd. We, who hardly began to walk on our  hind legs, (presumably to better kill the opposing species with our hands), can hardly aspire to divinity. That is not to say that we do not bear the potential to rise above our present level. Indeed, the biological robot known as man has achieved a degree of artificial intelligence, though this degree is very questionable. Nevertheless, if we do not destroy ourselves with the technology which progressively takes over the need to use our neurons, we might rise above our present self-immolating level. History has not yet been written.
As for the intelligence of other species it brings us to Cats and Dogs. In my short stories, those two represent all species which we consider inferior, yet which are smart enough not to start armed conflicts, wars, let alone inventing an hydrogen bomb. Yes, in many way they are vastly superior to us.

If you like cats and dogs, and love, and sex, and suspense, and mystery, and murder (sorry about that)... and don't forget humor, you’ve come to the right place. 
Every single story has been dictated to me by my friends. They don’t always come out quite right, but, well, nothing is perfect in this world. (“After all,” they said in perfect unison, “we are cats and dogs”). And you can laugh on Amazon for 82¢. Now that’s funny already!

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