Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Destiny and Fulfillment

I met many people who couldn’t make up their mind what they should do, what trade or profession to practice, even what studies to undertake.
Well, it simply doesn’t matter.
If we listens to our inner voice (10 minutes/day of relaxation, physical and mental, and ‘listening’), we will invariably be guided, by our own unconscious, towards the fulfillment of our destiny. It may be a winding road, but it will get us there.
We often forget that it is not our ego but our highest consciousness, normally referred to as Higher Self, that is, or should be, the boss of our lives. Ego is necessary for our transient survival in a physical body, which is no more than a means, through which we can fulfill our destiny. We have to look after it the way we look after any other material object which enhances our becoming. But our body is not the essence of our Being. All that really matters is our Consciousness. While all other aspects of our personality, including the energies of mind and emotions, can metamorphose into other forms, Consciousness alone straddles the Straight and Narrow Path, in which Being and Becoming coexist in perfect balance.
Hence it is only our Higher Consciousness that can guide us to fulfill our purpose in this transient reality. Once we learn to listen to It, we’re on our way back home.

SACHA’s life, (in book 3 of the Alexander Trilogy), hovers between normal, paranormal, and supernormal realities. He is uncomfortable in his body. His physical, material body. He’s obsessed with finding purpose in his life. Finally his mysterious mission is revealed to him. He learns how to fulfill his destiny. Strangely, his success results in dire consequences to those who dared to oppose him. The will of the Higher Self must not be ignored.

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