Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces

Essentially, Marvin Clark is a love story. A story in which two people are united for reasons they cannot readily explain. And this brings us directly to the energies involved in the most misunderstood word in English language: LOVE. I said energies because according to our physicists the Universe is composed exclusively of energies oscillating at different rates of vibration. They can also metamorphose from one vibratory rate to another.
And so it is with love.
We become aware of this energy at hormonal level. For reasons we cannot define, we are attracted to another person. At this level we react to purely animalistic conditioning.
At phase two, we become aware of emotional attraction, which draws us to the object of our interest.
Finally, we begin to lose the false feeling of separation, of the “us and them” concept, and we begin to accept the inexplicable oneness which binds us together within a Singularity, where energy exists in its potential, or pre-manifested form. Scientists, who rebel at the very thought of metaphysics, often call this a Black Hole, without ever defining what it is.
Few of us seem to realize that Universe exists only because the oscillations of centrifugal and centripetal energies are maintained in balance. While the centrifugal force assures expansion, diversification, change, and thus life—the centripetal force continues to pull us in, to assure the Oneness of the Universe. These forces act at all levels of our awareness, although we seldom become conscious of them.

This concept would be much easier to accept if people stopped assigning human characteristics to deities. They invariably assert that God is good, and, to restore the necessary balance, they affirm that Satan is bad—yet they also claim that God is the only creator, and thus must also be responsible for the delinquencies of Satan. This is why, inter alia, I’ve published DELUSIONS, in which 1 point out the folly of fundamentalism in both science and religions.
In fact, the only “divine state” that truly exists is the state of BALANCE. In the phenomenal sense it is identified by scientists as the Event Horizon. As everything in the phenomenal Universe is only a reflection of forces at ‘pre-phenomenal’ rates of vibration, the state of balance can also be observed at high levels of consciousness, which has been experienced by some saints and mystics. Most of us hardly even heard about the concept of “peace beyond human understanding,” yet this condition is achievable to all of us. You might enjoy reading AWAKENING, a novel in which I discuss various states of consciousness.
While subliminally we are encouraged to step outside the Event Horizon, to experiment with the diverse creative potential available to us—straying too far from the state of balance is as dangerous as being pulled into the heart of a Black Hole.

We can think of MARVIN CLARK as taking the initial steps  in search for FREEDOM, which state of consciousness within the Event Horizon offers.
Remember! Ye are Gods!

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