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OLYMPUS - of Gods and Men

It is more than evident that if we abuse the Universal Laws, sooner or later we, as a species, shall pay for it. This is not any form of punishment. It is simply the consequence of our behavior. It is a question of cause and effect—of Karma.
The last of my three pre-during-and-post apocalyptic novels is Book 3 of the Aquarius Trilogy. As with other trilogies, part one and two create economical, military or psychological conditions which are more or less bound to precipitate an apocalyptic event. In this sense, Enigma of the Second Coming fell into the same category.
Yet here, in the OLYMPUS, the post-apocalyptic philosophy is presented as an ongoing evolutionary process, reaching back to ancient Greece, where myth and history entwine in a strange yet fascinating amalgam of human endeavor. It seems that the seed of Godhood always permeated the human psyche, yet not sufficiently to sustain its vigour in everyday life.

In “OLYMPUS - of Men and Gods” you’ll find that even as all hell breaks loose due to Pluto Effect, our heroes escape to Milos. Only there they have a chance to survive apocalyptic global upheavals, caused by reversal of polarity of magnetic poles.
Governments and social structures collapse. A small group of advanced beings in a few secret sanctuaries protect the remnants of human heritage. Eventually Simon awakens to the magnificent powers lying dormant within him. This could be… you!

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Third book still has it!
A brilliant end to the trilogy
Captivating and thought-provoking!
A Fantastic Conclusion To A Great Trilogy!
WOW gorgeous conclusion to a brilliant series!

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Aquarius Trilogy Book Three

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