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Every few thousand years or so, a Consciousness is embodied in a human form, whose purpose is to prepare the human species for the next evolutionary step. Last week I shared with you one such way in which such an event might happen. We live only in the present. Another such fragment of the eternal NOW is presented in my book, ENIGMA of the Second Coming.
Each renewal lifts our consciousness to a new level of awareness. As we are all immortal, we shall face many such events, each advancing us beyond what we could previously only imagine. Each “Successive Coming” is an Enigma.
What is even more enigmatic is that all knowledge is already within us. We must simply awaken to it.

There is a great danger in identifying our Consciousness with the instruments through which It finds Its expression. We may continue as human species, or a more suitable means might be deemed better to serve the purpose of evolution.
What then?
“What if” is the essence of my book.

Heidi the heroine of ENIGMA had her own problems. From her sanctuary in the Canadian Science Center, high in the Yukon, she faced two separate mysteries. The world was in upheaval, tectonic plates were shifting, planets were realigning. How was she to protect herself?
And then there was the Enigma peeking surreptitiously from behind Pluto. Could it be that it held the key to the higher affinity of the Universe? Could these be the signs of the long prophesied Second Coming? A time of renewal? 
A mystery.
Both Enigmas in their own right.

“A voyage from within and without, this novel transports us to the frontiers of an existence that knows no frontiers, where physics and metaphysics merge into a timeless, seamless whole. Enigma...” said J. Garwood, Ph.D.
“A love story, visionary fiction, mysticism, theology and a personal journey....” added B. Symonds.

Others said:

“Brilliant and Captivating!
“Challenges Conventional Mind!
“This author never lets me down!
“My favorite by this author (so far)!
“A State of Consciousness Can Open Up
  …the Entire World…

There followed a slew of 5-star reviews in many quarters. Let me know what you think. And then, please, let others know on the Amazon. Reviews are ALWAYS welcome.
We all want to know. 

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