Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Vicious Cycles

No, it is not a vicious circle. They are cycles, of both, ascending descending spirals. As always, there are the Chosen Few and… the Many. The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on. So do we, the wondering minstrels—on the way to Paradise
Five years ago I wrote a novel, “Headless World”, a sequel to the “Avatar Syndrome”. I never imagined that a great deal of what I’d written would actually take place during my lifetime. I’d written about a total renewal Vatican policies. The new pope, Francis, could have read my book. Only, obviously, he didn’t. Perhaps he reached back to the potential flooding his unconscious mind and what came out raised the vicious circle to the level of a cycle. A step up, even though it too was based on premises that enlivened the Church some 2000 years ago. He seemed to have gone to the first principles upon which the church was built, and thus changed the axis of rotation upon which the Church spins. He raised it by taking the church back.
And yet the Moving Finger will record his activities as a profound step forward. There is no time—just cycles. Ever rising, retreating only to more forward, again, to a higher plane of perception.

The same is true of each one of us. We are all intended to move forward on an ascending spiral, yet the vast majority of us appear to have slipped into a vicious circle. We continue to make the same mistakes, expecting different results. Einstein defined such behaviour pattern as insanity. And yet, we, or most of us, continue to practice this inane conduct as logical, indeed as the preferred system. All empires fell when plutocrats took over from what could be referred to as the “middle class”. Yet, once again, the smartest amongst us, the very, very rich, those who have proven to have the wits to outwit almost everyone, tumbled into the depth of insanity.
They and they alone cause the empires to fall. Why? Because riches give them power, and power corrupts. It sets us apart from the golden middle where the balance that sustains empires resides.

There are two rays of hope that might lift us from the edge of the precipice. One is “Pepe”, also known as President José Alberto Mujica Cordano, the recently retired president of Uruguay. A former guerilla fighter, later, while wielding enormous power, donated 90% of his income to charities that benefit poor people and small entrepreneurs.
Try to imagine, any other president or prime minister to sink to such abysmal level of generosity.
The second ray of hope comes from the present leader of the Vatican. If he survives, he might, just might help turn the vicious circle into an ascending spiral.  
As for the rest…
 History tends to repeat itself. The other presidents, prime ministers and other plutocrats will be long gone. As will most of us.
The Moving Finger writes, and having writ, moves on…

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