Friday, 6 March 2015

The Big Chess Game

To sate their greed for power, politicians treat masses as pawns they can use, with utter impunity, in the great geopolitical chess game. It is the very concept of being “in charge” that seems to stimulate their way of thinking, their aims and ambitions. They seem to be completely unaware of that every single life that is affected by their strategies bears indelible consequences on their own lives.
Here, we call it the Law of Cause and Effect. It concerns physical objects and energies. In the East, this is called Karma.
Karma includes mental and emotional activities.

I am not talking about wars that are the domain of homicidal maniacs. I am saying that if a mother loses a child due to seemingly inconsequential and apparently logical decision made by a political pundit, the plutocrat will bear the totality of the pain he’d caused to the child and the mother. The consequences of his or her deed will come back to hunt them until the balance is restored in the Karmic equation. Another example would be to imagine billionaires being reincarnated as homeless people in the favelas of Rio, or as members of the now illegal but still ‘striving’ cast of the ‘Untouchables’ in the slums of Calcutta.
Divinity, as I pointed out recently, is not what is good for some and bad for others, but what lies in the elusive and tremulous center where the opposites meet in perfect harmony.
The most misunderstood aspect of the Karma is that ignorance of Law might diminish one’s responsibility for restoring the balance. Not so. Over eons of time, advanced individuals have compiled codices to aid humanity. They found ample evidence of reincarnation, hence of indestructibility of our consciousness.
Regrettably, this knowledge had been usurped to create religious organizations, which would serve to control the minds of their ‘faithful’. This was accomplished by adding a superstructure of carrot and the stick, in the form of heaven and hell.
It is self-evident that empires cannot be built without playing the game of geopolitics. It is equally as evident that the consequences of playing such a game are inversely proportional to how it affects those involved in such games. How long any empire can last is directly related to how far it strays from the golden centre. Once upset by the greed for power, the death throes of the empire are written in sand.

In YESHÛA I wrote:  “Over three thousand years ago Egypt had been united into a single kingdom. The “Old Kingdom”. There had been six dynasties of Pharaohs… Their secret was that the Pharaoh was not above the law. His power was limited.
 Darius wielded absolute power. The difference of the efficacy of the ruling systems can be measured in time. The six dynasties of the Old Kingdom—one thousand years, Darius—thirty-five years. While the power of Persia obviously lasted longer, it never matched the glory of this briefest blink in the eye of Brahma.” 

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  1. Tempted to post this to the twitter accounts of the Party Leaders in the current absurdity of the British election looming! Should one be defeatist and refrain? The answer seems inherently covered by this exposition.

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    1. We are the few that care. Thanks Philippa. But rest assured, we re NOT alone.