Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Purpose of Life

Since our scientists had proven that atoms are made up of almost exclusively empty space, we had no choice but to review our vision of reality.
We often confuse Life with biological functions capable of self-replication. At best we should refer to them as biological life; at worse, as infestation. In fact, Life is the creative process of Becoming, from potential to experience. It promotes emergence of ideas that lie dormant in our unconscious, organizes patterns for action at our mental level, and finally ignites those patterns with our imagination and emotions to become manifest in the reality in which we experience our Becoming.
There is a philosophical duality that is, on occasion, hard to accept. While only the ideas which ultimately become manifest in physical reality have true substance, the ultimate material manifestations of such are the only means of assuring that they have been developed to the level for which they have been intended. Hence the material reality, though ephemeral and transient, remains of great importance.
Once we develop the ideas to the level intended, we incorporate them into the irrepressible storage of experience of our subconscious.  We take them with us to enrich the reality of first ‘heaven’ and enjoy them for extended periods of time. Periodically, we return to the transient stage of our Becoming, to further enrich the gamut of our experiences. As for periodicity of our returns, it is related to the level of consciousness we have achieved. As our awareness moves towards the Unconscious, time become more rarified, until it reaches absolute stasis, or our true ‘home’, the reality of Being.

In physical reality we soon use up the potential of our physical bodies to conduct such experiments. This is erroneously known as dying. The consciousness, which directs the creative process in the mode of Becoming (Life), is, of course, immortal.
As mentioned, the first step on our way back ‘home’ is the reality of our subconscious. This is where the memory of all our successful experiments are stored in temporal abeyance. It is an immense reality, which, like all transient realities, bridges the modes of Being and Becoming. They are tailor made and directly related to the level of understanding, which units of consciousness entering them can appreciate.

Each unit of consciousness reaches a level according to its capacity to receive. This applies to all realities, including the physical one. As each unit is indivisible and indispensible part of the Whole its eventual capacity is infinite.
These cycles of advancement are endless.
We refer to those inner realities as heaven.  Each mode of Becoming although transient and existing only in an experimental mode, is a magnificent gift, but ONLY the most transient reality, the physical one, enables us to convert the potential into experience. As such, to deprive anyone of the opportunity is a crime against the Universal Laws.
At the same time, this knowledge alone is enough to fill our mode of Becoming, or “biological life”, with an abundance of joy. 

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