Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Medical Profession

“I swear by Apollo, the healer, Asclepius, Hygieia, and  Panacea… to keep according to my ability and my judgment, the following Oath and agreement:  …I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone.”
An article published in the September issue of the Journal of Patient Safety estimates that there are between 210,000 and 400,000 deaths per year associated with medical errors in hospitals. That would make medical errors the third-leading cause of death in the United States, behind heart disease and cancer.”

We’ve come a long way from the Hippocratic Oath which dates back to late 5th century BC. Nowadays, we no longer heal people. We eliminate symptoms, no matter what side effects this process might entail. Were we to heal them, surely, we’d lose clients. Wouldn’t be good for business, would it?
No. Not all physicians are like that, and not all bankers, politicians and lawyers are crooks. Some are the nicest people you’d hope to meet. Kind, generous, magnanimous…
Nice people—like you and me…
But “the Many”, the vast majority do not seem bound by any code of ethics.
For many years I’d practiced architecture. If the building I designed fell down, or the roof leaked, or insulation was insufficient, I just wouldn’t get paid. And surely, that is as it should be.

We seem preoccupied with the effect, while studiously avoiding delving into the cause. It started with the Big Bang. There was nothing, not even space, and then nothing exploded and continues to explode. Scientists seem bent on pushing such nonsense to their adherents, while admitting what, if anything, nothings consists or consisted of nothing. Yet should someone dare to say God, they rise up in arms, claiming that god is not science. How would they know? Perhaps god has a string of Ph.D.s, dozens and dozens of them, and knows precisely how to explode nothing. The scientists obviously have no idea how.
The medical profession perpetrates a very similar sham. Most of the time they seem preoccupied with the effects. They say little or nothing about how to avoid acquiring various diseases, and then get busy fighting, often ineptly, the effects. They seem to forget that nature has disposed our organism to survive millions of years without their interference. The system nature invented is called the immune system. On occasion the medical profession try to emulate nature by inventing some sera, which, on occasion, do some good. The rest of the time they deal with effects.
Admittedly, this is good for business.
Should everyone live in a manner that reduced various diseases (and we all can), the learned MDs would be out of a job, let alone out of money. The same goes, of course, for the pharmaceutical conglomerates.
Their maxim seems to be:
“Help them, enough to survive, but for heaven’s sake don’t cure them. What would we do with all the chemicals we’ve already produced?”
What do you think?

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Democracy—an Exercise in Futility

Democracy only exists, only can exist, among equals. Yet some people will always be more equal than others. Also, once money comes into the electoral picture any semblance of equality disappears. We no longer elect our representatives to speak in our name, but we permit the rich amongst us to do so, supposedly in our name.
Since money took over the electoral process, as it has in all “democracies” of the West, democratic system has become a sham for controlling the masses. To keep them, us, quiet and extract money from us by insidious system of taxation. Don’t get me wrong. Democracy still exists but only among the very, very rich.
At least in other systems of government, such as in China, they do not lie to their people. Their democracy is officially limited to 2,987 members (as of 2013) of the National People’s Congress, the largest parliamentary body in the world.

We pride ourselves on having inherited our “democratic” system from ancient Greece. Thence the problem. There never was a democratic system in Greece. Not a system wherein ‘demos’, or the ‘people’, actually ruled. What they had was exactly what we have now: a system wherein the very few held sway over the many.
During the 4th century BC, the Athenian population added up to between 250,000 and 300,000 people. This included the whole of Attica, the peninsula governed by Athens. The citizens’ families came to about a third of that number, and of these about a third again, about 30,000 people, all male adult population, was entitled to vote in the Assembly. That comes to about 10% of the population. It is on this completely disproportionate number that we, the enlightened citizen of the 21st century base our democratic principles.
From a system of government in which the supreme power was vested in about 10% of the people, we have sunk to a system in which this same power is vested in a less then 1%, or very rich. The rest of us are just fooling ourselves that we live in a ‘democracy’. “The Many and the Few”, remember Peter and Paul?
An exercise in futility?
Even as during the millennia preceding our ‘enlightened’ age our predecessors have murdered masses in the name of ‘god’—under the guise of religion, so now, today, we murder masses with equal alacrity in the name of ‘democracy’.

Is there a way out?
Of course!
In the present Age of Aquarius we shall Come of Age. We shall no longer blame others for our fortune. Nor shall we look to teachers, preachers, or members of any governing body to tell us what to do. We shall stand up on our own two feet and cope with any adversity that life can place before us.
And if some of us fail that, too, will be just temporary. Their time will come—if not in this life than in the next, but it will come. After all, aren’t we all immortal?

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Beginning of the End

Hammurabi, the sixth king of Babylon, must have thought that he was doing the right thing. People, particularly those in power, praised him ever since. Yet, until the ancient lawmaker ordered his scribes to engrave his laws on eight-foot tall stone tablets, perhaps slabs is a better word, people’s conscience was the only guide in their behaviour. As of now, however, now being around 1750 BC, people were guided by a set of laws that carried penalties for misdeeds.
It’s been downhill ever since.
No longer conscience but fear of being caught became their, as well as our, guardian angel. This destructive method is used to this day. We, those in power, control people’s behaviour by fear, not by persuasion. Not even the ecclesiastic method of “carrot and the stick” holds sway any more—that of heaven and hell. And most certainly not by any inspired code of ethics, let alone by teaching love and compassion. The carrot is gone. All governments of the world control their people by instilling fear.
However, as we know, action is equal by equal though opposite reaction.
This insidious bug is now infecting billions of people, who, together with their corrupt governments, instill fear in each other, by relegating those who oppose them to the status of terrorists. Ultimately this method will fail, even as our governments are failing. People will see through the invalid warmongering platitudes. After all, governments are no longer elected by people only by money of the few.
And there is more.
Perhaps thanks to Hammurabi, the world of today has become the most legislative and/or litigious civilization in the history of mankind. Had that been Hammurabi’s intent?
There are some benefits… to some of us. The lawyers have become rich beyond all measure. We make them rich. And as Hammurabi carries the reputation of being the father of all lawgivers, his portrait adorns great-many government buildings throughout the world.
Furthermore, the activities of the lawgivers are guided not by their conscience but by what they can get away with. Surely, the most pernicious prescription for corruption.

I once wrote some essays, which I collected into three volumes entitled “Beyond Religion”. The subtitle of the collections is “An Inquiry into the Nature of Being”. In Beyond Religion I, in the essay “Cycles”, I discuss the problem of Hammurabi. I also discuss the seeming human predisposition to walk in circles.
I’d used the word Cycles and not Circle only because I’m an incurable optimist. Even as I am deeply convinced that now, during the present Age of Aquarius, we shall turn over a new leaf. Good luck to all of us.
Those who would enjoy my essay will be pleased to hear that there are 156 of them, on subjects as varied as “Birds of Paradise”, “Phenomenology”, “Recumbent Evolution”, and pretty much everything in-between. At one essay per week, the collections might amuse you for 3 years. Let me know…

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Animal Kingdom

Various religious authorities tell us that we, humans, contrary to other members of the animal kingdom, have soul. A convenient subterfuge. In the Bible, the Hebrew word ‘nephesh’, that means “animal soul”, or the subconscious, is invariably translated by Christian scholars as ‘soul’. Since, as mentioned, the word actually means “animal soul”, it is more than evident that all animals are endowed with the subconscious. Merely observing the REM in animals is enough to prove my point.
If, on the other hand, we refer to “immortal soul”, then we do NOT have souls, but Soul has us. Soul is the attribute of Infinite Consciousness to individualize Itself through all entities capable of recognizing Its presence. It is the state of consciousness.

Yet there is one single trait that makes us different from virtually all species in this earthly kingdom. All animals kill to eat. Hence the food chain. Soul is using transient phenomenal creations though which to experience the process of becoming, normally referred to as life.
And this is where we differ.
We do not kill to eat. More often than not we kill for the sheer, unmitigated, pleasure of killing. We killed more than 60,000,000 in World War Two, and to make sure no one forget what fun it was to kill in large numbers, the West (and some other parts of the world) indulges in almost continuous wars, or “armed conflicts” since then. In the murky past, many wars had been conducted in the name of God. Today, we prefer to murder in the name of democracy.
Let’s face it. We, humans, are animals that love to kill. To justify killing hundreds of thousand (millions at times) of innocent people we coined a disgusting, perverted phrase. We call it “collateral damage”. There is one other phrase that we, the inveterate killers have long forgotten.
“Thou shalt not kill”.
Those who ignore this last phrase, will pay dearly. With interest. For generations to come. This is NOT a threat. It is a promise that every scientist advocates: every action is balanced by an equal and opposite reaction.

We think we are smart, just because we positioned ourselves, temporarily, at the top of the food chain. Well, in case of a nuclear holocaust, I’d put my money on cockroaches.
There is one other problem. Animals cannot act in direct opposition to their nature. In this sense, they’ll continue to abide in Eden, until evolution raises them to a higher degree of self-awareness. Until they eat of the tree of knowledge. Not so with us, humans. If our contribution does not enrich the fabric of the Universe, we shall not gain access to paradise. As we did nothing to contribute to its richness, there is no reason why we should benefit from it. Whatsoever we saw, that we shall also reap.
Oh, we shall not disappear from true reality. Our consciousness is indestructible. But we shall abide in a reality that we, ourselves, have created—where brother kills brother just for fun or, as collateral damage.

You might want to know what animals think about us. You can find out, just a little, in the book below. Enjoy!

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Monday, 7 April 2014

Equal Opportunity Employer

The realization: “I know that I know nothing,” came to Socrates between 4th and 5th century BC. It took me a bit longer. I only realized it some weeks ago. Well, I keep learning.
The Universe, or better said the Potential Multiverses, is, or are, equal opportunity employers. It is, as we discussed, Omnipresent Consciousness endowed with an infinite number of attributes, which can be manifested in a tangible form by and through us, and countless other intelligent beings.
There is a difference between ignorance, and ignoring the lessons that experience brings. There is also a difference between lack of intelligence and… stupidity. Intelligence represents the ability to survive in the phenomenal reality—usually through the use of our intellect. Stupidity means the slow pace at which we learn, or at which we acquire this ability. It also refers to the strange, irrational ability most of us seem to possess to repeat the same errors again and again, and expect different results. Yet we do so. We eat too much, we smoke cigarettes, we conduct wars, we indulge in greed, selfishness, again and again and again. And, most of us insist that we are right when doing so.
Stupidity is, inter alia, any act that limits the optimal gathering of experience through the magnificent biological robots with which evolutions has endowed us—the robots that serve to accumulate the experience through becoming.
That slowness to acquire knowledge in the dualistic reality, created for this very purpose, is, according to Einstein and any reasonable person, a sign of abject stupidity. In fact, according to Einstein, the only infinity that is amply observable is human stupidity.

Yet… that is not the only conclusion I’ve reached.
I always thought that one begins one’s life in dismal ignorance and, as one grows, one attains a degree of wisdom. Wisdom, of course, is the perfect amalgam of knowledge and love.
Not so. I discovered that the ability to act in a perversely stupid manner is not limited to the uneducated amongst us. One can observe stupid street urchins, stupid teachers, stupid parents, medical doctors, engineers, architects and yes, professors at institutions of ‘higher’ learning, as well as at the helm of both small and the most powerful nations.
Look for yourself.

The dichotomy of applying stupidity to almost any subject is greatly exacerbated by a seemingly incurable disease known as fundamentalism. If interested, you can read about some aspects of it in my little treatise titled DELUSIONS—Pragmatic Realism. Let me know what you think. 

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Now you see me, now you don’t.

As previously reported, according to physicists, atoms of which we are made consist of 99.9999999999999% (that’s right: 13 nines after the decimal point) empty space. One can but speculate how much more would we have to be rarified in order to become invisible? It seems evident that it is not the ‘mass’ that we see, but the light, or electrons reflected from other electrons. Likewise the reason we cannot walk through each other, or solid walls for that matter, is not the mass of the wall, which is likewise 99.999etc% empty space, but the negative charge of the electrons in the wall repelling the negative charge of the electrons, which are gyrating around the atoms of which both the wall and our physical bodies are made.
So how would we make ourselves invisible?
Just switch of the light and you’ve got it made. No reflection. Like the best among vampires. No reflection at all.
But there is another way.
If we could construct our bodies without using a negative charge, for instance out of neutrinos, we would not only NOT reflect any light, but consequently we would be invisible, and, as an added bonus, we could walk through walls, or the planet Earth, or any solid object regardless of size, without even slowing down. What are neutrinos? According to Google they are:

“Neutral subatomic particles with a mass close to zero and half-integral spin, rarely reacting with normal matter.”

So even though they do have, albeit negligible, mass, they do not interact adversely with the electrical charges in the atomic structure.
In my novel, WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality, I examine the concept of quantum tunneling. I shall not repeat all the science involved in it, but would like to add that the process or method of “walking through walls” is already used in science. Not us folks, as yet, but the eggheads succeeded in overcoming the repulsion of the electrons.
Now if they also succeed in constructing anything out of neurons, we’ll have it made. Not only Yeshûa, but all of us could walk through walls. Please let me know if you have any latest work in this field. Perhaps I should add, that ALL events, which we regard, today, as miracles, are only laws of nature that we do not as yet understand. Luckily, since we are immortal, we have lots of time to study them. 

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