Monday, 7 April 2014

Equal Opportunity Employer

The realization: “I know that I know nothing,” came to Socrates between 4th and 5th century BC. It took me a bit longer. I only realized it some weeks ago. Well, I keep learning.
The Universe, or better said the Potential Multiverses, is, or are, equal opportunity employers. It is, as we discussed, Omnipresent Consciousness endowed with an infinite number of attributes, which can be manifested in a tangible form by and through us, and countless other intelligent beings.
There is a difference between ignorance, and ignoring the lessons that experience brings. There is also a difference between lack of intelligence and… stupidity. Intelligence represents the ability to survive in the phenomenal reality—usually through the use of our intellect. Stupidity means the slow pace at which we learn, or at which we acquire this ability. It also refers to the strange, irrational ability most of us seem to possess to repeat the same errors again and again, and expect different results. Yet we do so. We eat too much, we smoke cigarettes, we conduct wars, we indulge in greed, selfishness, again and again and again. And, most of us insist that we are right when doing so.
Stupidity is, inter alia, any act that limits the optimal gathering of experience through the magnificent biological robots with which evolutions has endowed us—the robots that serve to accumulate the experience through becoming.
That slowness to acquire knowledge in the dualistic reality, created for this very purpose, is, according to Einstein and any reasonable person, a sign of abject stupidity. In fact, according to Einstein, the only infinity that is amply observable is human stupidity.

Yet… that is not the only conclusion I’ve reached.
I always thought that one begins one’s life in dismal ignorance and, as one grows, one attains a degree of wisdom. Wisdom, of course, is the perfect amalgam of knowledge and love.
Not so. I discovered that the ability to act in a perversely stupid manner is not limited to the uneducated amongst us. One can observe stupid street urchins, stupid teachers, stupid parents, medical doctors, engineers, architects and yes, professors at institutions of ‘higher’ learning, as well as at the helm of both small and the most powerful nations.
Look for yourself.

The dichotomy of applying stupidity to almost any subject is greatly exacerbated by a seemingly incurable disease known as fundamentalism. If interested, you can read about some aspects of it in my little treatise titled DELUSIONS—Pragmatic Realism. Let me know what you think. 

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  1. Sir, You are a brain surgeon and I really enjoyed this piece. I chuckle to myself, "Won day".

  2. Thank you, Robert. I take is as a complement, although just between you and me, I'd often suggest decapitation rather than brain surgery.