Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Democracy—an Exercise in Futility

Democracy only exists, only can exist, among equals. Yet some people will always be more equal than others. Also, once money comes into the electoral picture any semblance of equality disappears. We no longer elect our representatives to speak in our name, but we permit the rich amongst us to do so, supposedly in our name.
Since money took over the electoral process, as it has in all “democracies” of the West, democratic system has become a sham for controlling the masses. To keep them, us, quiet and extract money from us by insidious system of taxation. Don’t get me wrong. Democracy still exists but only among the very, very rich.
At least in other systems of government, such as in China, they do not lie to their people. Their democracy is officially limited to 2,987 members (as of 2013) of the National People’s Congress, the largest parliamentary body in the world.

We pride ourselves on having inherited our “democratic” system from ancient Greece. Thence the problem. There never was a democratic system in Greece. Not a system wherein ‘demos’, or the ‘people’, actually ruled. What they had was exactly what we have now: a system wherein the very few held sway over the many.
During the 4th century BC, the Athenian population added up to between 250,000 and 300,000 people. This included the whole of Attica, the peninsula governed by Athens. The citizens’ families came to about a third of that number, and of these about a third again, about 30,000 people, all male adult population, was entitled to vote in the Assembly. That comes to about 10% of the population. It is on this completely disproportionate number that we, the enlightened citizen of the 21st century base our democratic principles.
From a system of government in which the supreme power was vested in about 10% of the people, we have sunk to a system in which this same power is vested in a less then 1%, or very rich. The rest of us are just fooling ourselves that we live in a ‘democracy’. “The Many and the Few”, remember Peter and Paul?
An exercise in futility?
Even as during the millennia preceding our ‘enlightened’ age our predecessors have murdered masses in the name of ‘god’—under the guise of religion, so now, today, we murder masses with equal alacrity in the name of ‘democracy’.

Is there a way out?
Of course!
In the present Age of Aquarius we shall Come of Age. We shall no longer blame others for our fortune. Nor shall we look to teachers, preachers, or members of any governing body to tell us what to do. We shall stand up on our own two feet and cope with any adversity that life can place before us.
And if some of us fail that, too, will be just temporary. Their time will come—if not in this life than in the next, but it will come. After all, aren’t we all immortal?

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