Saturday, 12 April 2014

Animal Kingdom

Various religious authorities tell us that we, humans, contrary to other members of the animal kingdom, have soul. A convenient subterfuge. In the Bible, the Hebrew word ‘nephesh’, that means “animal soul”, or the subconscious, is invariably translated by Christian scholars as ‘soul’. Since, as mentioned, the word actually means “animal soul”, it is more than evident that all animals are endowed with the subconscious. Merely observing the REM in animals is enough to prove my point.
If, on the other hand, we refer to “immortal soul”, then we do NOT have souls, but Soul has us. Soul is the attribute of Infinite Consciousness to individualize Itself through all entities capable of recognizing Its presence. It is the state of consciousness.

Yet there is one single trait that makes us different from virtually all species in this earthly kingdom. All animals kill to eat. Hence the food chain. Soul is using transient phenomenal creations though which to experience the process of becoming, normally referred to as life.
And this is where we differ.
We do not kill to eat. More often than not we kill for the sheer, unmitigated, pleasure of killing. We killed more than 60,000,000 in World War Two, and to make sure no one forget what fun it was to kill in large numbers, the West (and some other parts of the world) indulges in almost continuous wars, or “armed conflicts” since then. In the murky past, many wars had been conducted in the name of God. Today, we prefer to murder in the name of democracy.
Let’s face it. We, humans, are animals that love to kill. To justify killing hundreds of thousand (millions at times) of innocent people we coined a disgusting, perverted phrase. We call it “collateral damage”. There is one other phrase that we, the inveterate killers have long forgotten.
“Thou shalt not kill”.
Those who ignore this last phrase, will pay dearly. With interest. For generations to come. This is NOT a threat. It is a promise that every scientist advocates: every action is balanced by an equal and opposite reaction.

We think we are smart, just because we positioned ourselves, temporarily, at the top of the food chain. Well, in case of a nuclear holocaust, I’d put my money on cockroaches.
There is one other problem. Animals cannot act in direct opposition to their nature. In this sense, they’ll continue to abide in Eden, until evolution raises them to a higher degree of self-awareness. Until they eat of the tree of knowledge. Not so with us, humans. If our contribution does not enrich the fabric of the Universe, we shall not gain access to paradise. As we did nothing to contribute to its richness, there is no reason why we should benefit from it. Whatsoever we saw, that we shall also reap.
Oh, we shall not disappear from true reality. Our consciousness is indestructible. But we shall abide in a reality that we, ourselves, have created—where brother kills brother just for fun or, as collateral damage.

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