Monday, 24 February 2014

The Centripetal Force

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People regard love as an emotion. It is true that love can be expressed in emotional terms, but reaches deep within the essence that is often ignored by many.
When our world began, it was no more than an idea. Gradually it took shape and increased in diversity. After billions of years we have achieved relative complexity, which we measure in atoms and subatomic particles. Lately, scientists are talking in terms of quantum computers that, thanks to their vastly increased complexity and thus the apparently inevitable miniaturization, will be able to perform countless calculations simultaneously, millions of times faster than our present Turing model.
Due to this shrinking of the components, complexity increases as we drift farther and farther apart from the original Singularity.

This is where love comes in. In phenomenal universe love is the centripetal force that holds us together. Even as it binds men with women, with children, sometimes nations or even species to each other, so the Earth would fly off into the coldness of outer space without it. Likewise we, creatures of mind and emotions, would drift away from our original purpose.
We must never forget that the physical, phenomenal world is little more than a stopping station for us, people aware of their purpose, to experience the thrill of becoming, and add our experiences to the infinite storehouse of the Universal Mind. We, of course, are the atoms, endowed with self-awareness, which combine to create this Mind that reaches above and beyond the limitations of the material universe.
Not one of us is redundant, unnecessary or superfluous. If we do not meet our obligations and add our assigned tasks to the totality of the Mind, we shall continue to return and inhabit physical bodies, until our unique purpose is done. Only then we shall have a choice to remain a conscious part of the Whole, or to return to the phenomenal universe to help others meet their tasks.
We can choose to do so forever, or for a few billion earthly years until the centripetal force pulls us back to the place of our origin.
All this concerns our consciousness, our mind. It has nothing to do with our physical bodies, with the phenomenal universe. And It, the Universe of our thoughts, continues to expand at ever increasing velocity.

For now, and in the foreseeable future, we shall continue to expand our awareness of the true reality. Yet, it seems, the farther we drift from the Original Source, the stronger will be the pull of the centripetal force. Our “phenomenal” scientists, unable to accept anything that cannot be perceived with their physical senses, call it the “big bang”. They forget that before the “big bang” there was no space, no time, no matter, not even energy. Only Oneness.
And the inherent force of Love.
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