Friday, 28 February 2014

An Aspect of the Expanding Universe

As mentioned in my previous blog, scientists tell us that the Universe is expanding. We now know that this concept only makes sense in the metaphysical sense. If they define all reality as Consciousness, then they are right. Our consciousness is expanding, probably at the speed of light, and more likely much, much faster.
Even then, this is not true of all of us. Some of us still regard that the Universe is solid; as moving around in circles. They regard atoms as solid particles—rather than bundles of energy that occupy mostly empty space. See my other blogs on this subject.
There are two ways to define the universe: real and imaginary. If you rely on your senses, then the imaginary universe will sate your need for reality. If you prefer the truth, no matter how inconvenient, then the Real Universe is nothing more than a State of Consciousness. This state, or condition, continues to expand. Although the imaginary or phenomenal universe might collapse upon itself, it would not be due to black matter, black energy, or any other nonsense invented by scientists to make their equations work. It would happen due to the fluctuations in our consciousness.
The Real Universe, the universe that finds its expression through the sum total of our individualizations of awareness, cannot collapse. To do so would be to deny the concept of infinity. As the purpose of individualization is self-knowledge, and that which we pursue is infinite, we shall never reach the end of our quest. Consciousness is characterized by an ever-receding horizon.
In that sense, Universe is, and always will be—infinite.
For the imaginary, or phenomenal, universe to collapse we’d all have to withdraw our individuality and merge with the Original Source, that some people call God. Until then, those few who choose to do so, periodically, will enrich the eternal fabric of omnipresent Consciousness and help other units of consciousness advance on their eternal journey.
Yes, this may happen to some of us.
But to imagine that within the infinite phenomenal universe, populated with near-infinite number of intelligent species, all of us (and ‘them’) would reach the awareness of totality of our potential hovering in the near-infinity of space… well, to me this would be absurd.
What do you think?
In my view we, the individualized fragments of the Single Consciousness will continue on our endless exploration of our Infinite Potential. No wonder the ancient prophets called us gods. Enjoy the trip!
Isn’t it fun?

The journey we call life. I examine some of the steps on this endless trek in my Winston Trilogy. You might enjoy all of it. Or in part. It’s up to you. Let me know. 

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