Monday, 10 February 2014

Creating True Reality

The truth about creating reality is stranger than fiction. Unless we accept that the phenomenal world is not real, it doesn’t make sense. And yet…
For many years I practiced architecture. After some years as design architect, I realized that well before I transferred my thoughts and images onto paper (later a computer screen), the building already took shape in my mind. The drawings, let alone the actual construction of the building, (though hard work) were little more than “phenomenal” after-thoughts. The real building, the actual creative act, had already taken place in my mind, my imagination.
Sometimes I saw, with my mind’s eye, the building already populated, a busy beehive, where fragments of my imagination went about their daily business. Such is the beauty of being an architect. The same is true of sculptors, composers, all artists.
Thus the reality of the building had not been the eventual “brick and mortar” but the image that took place in my mind. One day, in another fragment of the Eternal Now I shall create planets, galaxies, perhaps universes—all the intangible, ephemeral yet indestructible realities of my consciousness. Halfway through the Winston Trilogy, my heroes do just that.

The point I am making is that everything that is real, that is indestructible, is created and remains forever within our consciousness. There lies the source, the creation and the fulfillment. It is the only reality that is indestructible, that remains forever real. Imaginary years will pass, the buildings will crumble, yet the image created in our minds remains forever.
This is how heaven is made.
We start with an idea. Then light of our knowledge shines upon it. Our mind begins its peregrinations and is finally ignited by the wonder of our imagination. This, and this alone is the creative act. The rest is just a means of sharing our thoughts with others, that they may also use them, derive pleasure from them, become enriched by them. The true sharing could only take place at telepathic level wherein you and I could become reunited in a single mind.
For this to happen we need to accept that at some level of perception we are all One, united in the Eternal Now. That You and I, and everyone else are a single organism made up not of rarefied atoms of mostly empty space, not even fields of energy… but ideas that enhance each other to form ever grater union of our endless diversity. Yes, even time is imaginary, as are the planets, the stars the galaxies. They are all thoughts projected for our enchantment.
In true reality, you and I are ever-projecting, ever-changing holographic image on the screen of our perceptions—all within the Eternal Now. Eventually, the phenomenal worlds will all crumble into ever-receding horizon. But we remain. Forever. If you accept this premise, you’ll never be sad or lonely again. 

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