Thursday, 20 September 2012


It has been known for some time that rats confined to a relatively small space, tend to develop aggressive characteristics. Recent research in the Central Animal Facility in Guelph, Ontario, confirms those established findings, and adds that if rats, in addition to spatially restricted confinement, are deprived of any ‘interesting’ activity (such as resting on a PVC tube, or gnawing on or pushing around a Nylabone, a nylon chew product) their stress factor is considerably increased.
Rats are mammals. So are we.
We live in ever more confined spaces, our technology deprives us of the use of the full capacity of our brain. More and more our electronic toys do our thinking for us. Even adding up.
As for ‘congestion’, the following is extrapolated from Wikipedia:

…the world population reached one billion in 1804. 123 years later in 1927, it reached two billion. By 1960, only 33 years later, it reached three billion; four billion by 1974; five billion by 1987; six billion by 1999 and, according to United States Census Bureau, we have reached seven billion by March 2012, although the United Nations estimated that we reach seven billion already in October 2011.
Some say we shall reach ELEVEN BILLION BY 2050.

As mentioned, rats when confined in small places and deprived of their ‘toys’ which stimulates thinking, go mad. They attack each other, seemingly without a reason. They are becoming vicious, murderous, ‘unreasonable’. In other words, deranged. Mad.
Remind you of anyone?
The other species which is acting in a similar way is called Homo sapiens, commonly referred to a men and women. Our religious powerhouses still advocate procreation at the fastest rate possible, presumably to gain additional ‘tithes’ they can collect from their newborn sheep. This is true of both: Islam and Christian religions, as well as political power-mongers who wish to increase their tax-base.
In the meantime, 35,676,000 rats are squeezed into Tokyo; 21,163,226 into the Metro Area of Mexico City; 19,672,582 into Sao Paulo; 19,439,000 into Cairo; and a mere 14,837,510 into Moscow. These are the most populous cages. By comparison, New York is a tiny cage confining only 8,244,910 of us.
Ah… sorry, I meant people—not rats.
Who knows how many rats there are in those cities? But they are going mad, anyway. Yes, both rats and people. Other animals will soon follow suit.

The only government that seems to care about the human race, a government that imposed restrictions on their population growth is the terrible, horrid, atheistic, communist government of ‘red’ China. They care. We, the enlightened, freedom-loving, democratic, religious bunch don’t give a damn. And, I strongly suspect, soon, very soon, we shall be damned. Or go mad.

Possible consequences of overpopulation are suggested in my novel Gift of Gamman, a Sci-Fi novel that might be of interest to you. Enjoy!

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