Sunday, 2 September 2012

Autism and other mutations?

Not all is lost. Not yet. According to H.P. Blavatsky’s Esoteric Buddhism, we still have a few years of Kali Yuga in which to catch up. Almost another 320,000 years. But time flies. So lets hurry and get back to Charlie Rose.
The same series organized by PBS which compelled me to write “The Brain” blog, also brought us the program on Autism. Alas, as always, the famous doctors agreed that anything that deviates from the norm, from average, is a sickness.
“If you are not like me, you must be sick”, seems to be their dictum. Well, they’re almost right—in part.
Our way of life is organized to best serve those who conform to each other. We drive on the same side of the road. We eat similar foods (mostly triple burgers? I said similar, not same). We try to speak the same language although elocution seems to be a lost art. Etc, etc.
But there is a deeper, a much deeper problem.
The differences between us originate in 3 different sources. One, they can be genetic—we inherit our inadequacies. Two, we acquire them through lack of understanding how the world works (this includes the contagions). And three, it results from nature’s attempts to advance our evolution.
That item last has been discovered, though not yet confirmed by scientists, only some 5-6 years ago. Autism is the result not of deviations of a single gene, but whole groups of genes, which combine in a different order only AFTER they leave the donor. This is true of both sperm and/or ovum. By that I mean that BOTH parents were completely ‘normal’, meaning that they could cope in the environment in which most people function. Yet their child, male or female, is born with autistic tendencies, often demonstrating enormous skills/talents in some fields of endeavour.
In cases of autism, only one of the three causative factors is present. From perfectly ‘normal’ parents, in perfectly ‘normal’ environment, the children are wired differently.

This single fact will, one day, lead the scientists not to attempt (almost always unsuccessfully) to ‘cure’ the autistic condition, but try to cooperate with nature in her evolutionary attempts to advance our species.
Science, like evolution, advances very slowly—at snail’s pace. The material reality is a work in progress. Many mutations don’t work. But one day, some man or woman will become very famous by advancing the theory stated above. And then, usually it takes about 10-15 years before a discovery reaches the financial coffers that enable the ‘scientists’ to begin their research in earnest, we shall change our view of autism. We shall observe the children with curiosity and admiration as one would observe heroes who took the first steps to manifest Homo Superior.
If you are very young, and if you live long enough, you might actually see it happen. Good luck. Of course, once the ‘scientists’ recognize the truth of my words, we the ‘normal’ people will become redundant. Except for those who will be looking forward to their next reincarnation.
Like I said, we only have 320,000 years to go.

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