Monday, 7 May 2018

NOW— Being & Becoming

As suggested in my book DELUSIONS—Pragmatic Realism, we labour under many delusions as regarding our reality. In the past, I discussed the synonymity between Eternity and NOW. Once we accept that whatever age, historical period, or projected future we imagine, our definition of reality is always limited to the Present. To the eternal, inexhaustible NOW.
The next logical step is to accept the premise that nothing can be or happen, or “come about” as the result of nothing. The Laws of Cause and Effect are sufficiently defined by Isaac Newton. Our scientists would have us believe that the Big Bang took place from, literarily, nothing. That there was neither time nor space before it took place.
Well, my friends, I beg to differ.

Everything already exists in its Potential Form.

Everything. This includes all ideas which may or many not be, ultimately, converted to the transient phenomenal reality. They exist in the Eternal Now, and if and when they do become manifest in the ‘physical’ world, their temporal existence would not change.
Perhaps we should be reminded that, according to the best physicists that ever graced our reality, all is energy. Hence there is nothing that isn’t. The only difference between the tangible and non-tangible manifestations of energy is the rate of vibration of the energy involved in the manifestation in our reality.
If we begin with the all-encompassing, amorphous, infinite Potential (i.e.: energy vibrating at an infinite rate, hence being omnipresent), we must conclude that only in the infinity of the Eternal Now can such be manifested in the phenomenal reality.
Also, we must accept that the same event can be observed by different observers at different ‘times’, hence for each of the observers only NOW presents any concept of reality.
Readers interested in the deeper concept of time, I refer to my book VISUALIZATION—Creating Your Own Universe, in which I discuss time from both, the philosophical and scientific point of view.

To sum up:
Everything already exists in its potential form. The eternal NOW is the platform wherein and when-in the potential is manifested in its phenomenal form. The physical universe consists of the successful manipulation of the rates of vibration of energy, which, nevertheless are transient in terms of eternity.

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