Monday, 14 May 2018

AVATARS v. Pandemonium

In my youth, when we heard music we stopped talking, often stopped whatever we were doing, and waited until the sonata, the symphony, a concerto, or a particular aria, or even popular music stopped, before we uttered a sound. We did this because we listened to music.
Those day are over.
At least on TV, there is no more music.
Instead, we are offered noise.
Nobody stops talking, they wiggle, or gyrate in animalistic convulsions, in rhythm to the noise produced by instruments which once served to produce music. Now, the instruments are limited to guitars and percussion, with an occasional enhancement of cowbells.
I hope cows like it.
I do NOT.

Nowadays, in lieu of music, by far the highest form of art, we are presented with discords which provide background noise, to accompany the inability of speakers, directors, or even writers to produce anything remotely interesting to sustain our attention to the exclusion of everything else. They call it a sound-truck, when in fact it is nothing other than a noise-track. Even popular-science programs on TV that are supposed to edify us, are instead shamelessly insulted by noise that is having a winning battle for the attention of the listener.
Even some news programs are embroiled in noise.
Remember Shakespeare?
“If music be the food of love, play on…”
Those days really are over. We gave up on music. Judging by the western politicians, we also gave up on love.

My friend once said that “Music is the scourge of our era.” A agree. Only it is not music that is the scourge but the noise that purports to be music. It is the pandemonium that, as John Milton so aptly observed in Paradise Lost, is only fit to be played in the capital of Hell.

It was very different once. To see, almost hear, what music could be, what it once was, read the AVATAR SYNDROME. Therein you are reminded that music is, and remains, akin to the nectar of the gods.

Imagine a troubled, taciturn girl growing into a world-renowned violinist; from misunderstood recluse, to messiah of a higher truth and beauty. Pain and pleasure, science, talent, and mysticism, combine into a symphony of fame, glory, and enchantment.
She delivers a singular vision of what it could mean to be human. Such people truly are the Messengers of God.

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The Messengers of God
Book One of the Avatar Trilogy

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