Monday, 6 November 2017


Time is only here to stop things from happening all at once. Otherwise, it is an illusion. As most of us know, we all live in the eternal NOW. Awareness of time carries consequences. It only exists in the illusory reality outside Eden.
Most animals have never left Eden.
Although they were already given “skins”, i.e. physical bodies their consciousness inhabits, they still conform to the Universal Laws. They have not eaten the Apple. They still live in the present. They have not taken the evolutionary step of becoming apprentice gods. They live and act by reacting to their acquired knowledge, without the egotistical need to opposing it.
We do. We, humans, think that we know better.
While we are intended to live a proactive life, to reach out “where no man has been before,” we are not supposed to do so outside the Universal Laws.

We don’t teach animals love. They teach us. Each time a dog or a cat licks your hand it expresses the unity that they and you represent. You and they are One. That’s what real love is. The centrifugal force of diversification that sets us apart, submits to the centripetal force forever uniting us, no matter how far our human egos  have set up apart.
Animals don’t do that.
They do have personalities. They are all individualizations of the same Life force that gives us awareness of life, but they find a way of not doing it at another’s expense. Only sometimes, under our influence, they imitate our behavior and leave Eden to join us in “our valley of tears”. Yet there is absolutely no reason why we cannot return to Eden and enjoy the protection that billions of years of evolution affords us.
Our immune system is millions of years in development. Our ‘modern’ medicine, a few thousands at best. Which should we trust more?

Let us stop teaching animals human tricks, idiotic behavior, and go back to Eden. It is still back there, only now we call it Heaven. And Heaven, as we all know is within us. Deep in our subconscious. Now and forever. We can do so by learning from nature, once again,  how to live. Our pets will show us what true love is. It is a gateway to Paradise.

When we take that step, which requires humility, we shall discover that whatever happened in our lives, always happened for our good; for our edification. Trials and tribulations were there only to make us stronger. To show us that the seed of immortality is within us. That’s what life is for. It is a continuous learning process of balancing the new with the old. A process of continuous change. And it is eternal.
And, after all, isn’t this what Paradise is for?

We are immortal Beings in eternal process of Becoming. Without a beginning and without an end. We live in the eternal NOW, periodically changing our vehicles which take us towards the infinity hovering just beyond the horizon. This is what being gods is all about. Infinity.
Good luck.   

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