Monday, 16 October 2017

YESHÛA —The Quintessential Avatar

“To define God is to deny God,” said Baruch Spinoza. Definitions set limitations. And yet definition can also stipulate their absence. So what of the Essence of Being?
Some people call it God. Others use the term “King of Kings”, or “Lord of Lords”, or “Lord of the Hosts”. It, or He, perhaps She, assuming the concept is not androgynous although I’m told YHWH stands for male and female principles underscoring the reality we live in. The concept has also been referred to as Father or Abba. Others refer to It as the Most High, and by Hebrew names such as Jehovah, Adonai, Elohim, El-Shaddai, and Yahweh. Some Quakers refer to God as The Light. Indeed, there are countless names dating back to the times of Levantine, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Elamite and other ancient religions.
To transliterate Shakespeare: “Is not God a God by any other name?” Would God, by any other name not be just as divine?

There are at least as many gods as there are, ever had been, or ever will be people on Earth, or on any other planet. Or other solar systems… or universes. Yeshûa, later known as Jesus, referred to God as Father, assuring every one that He and the Father were one. Furthermore, he insisted that the Father is in Heaven and that Heaven is within him, and every one of us. This Heaven is a state of consciousness deep within our psyche.
I think of God as Amorphous, Impersonal, Eternal Energy. Being Omnipresent it is both, within me and without me; hence, within in you and me, and everyone, regardless or in spite of, their religious affiliation.

Life is an eternal process of creation. Of converting the Infinite Potential into transient Manifestation.
It is a magnificent game.
It is a game gods play at the rarified heights of the Olympus. At higher planes of awareness (higher rates of vibration), we experience a greater affinity with the energies which coalesce to form our physical bodies, which we create in order to experience the consequences of our creative impulses.

“Ye are gods” had been said thousands of years ago, yet to this day people search for divinity beyond their own being. Not finding God within themselves, they seem to continue their search somewhere in the sky. But they’ll never find God in a church, or “up there” in the azure hovering over the Vatican, or Mecca, or Olympus, or mingling amongst the starry firmament of the sky.
We are both, Being and Becoming. Being,  the eternal Potential, and Becoming the eternal, transient Process of Manifestation. The two are inseparable. The Potential and the Manifestation are One.

Our immortal, indestructible energy of consciousness resides within us, and whence It radiates Its timeless omnipresence. When we fully identify with the divinity within us, we become Avatars. Moses knew that. So did Yeshûa. Do you?

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