Monday, 23 October 2017

The Brave and the Cowardly

Heaven is for the brave. It takes a lot more courage to be humble, to be “poor at heart”, than to be proud, overpowering, looking down on others.
Winston Smith, the hero of my Winston Trilogy, was a butler. A majordomo. A servant. He offers an example of service being the most noble profession. It really doesn’t matter how we serve. What is vital is that we contribute to the wealth of the universe. Those who are here for a free ride will be greatly disappointed.
And contributions to this wealth can be of manifold. Instead of creating something new Winston Smith had chosen to serve those who would do so. And he did so by completely dismissing any credit for his own contribution.

The politics of today present the very opposite picture. They seem based on the principle that the bullies must rule, rather than help the weaker amongst us. The very fact that the richest country in the world spends more money on means of destruction, on legalized murder, than the next 7 largest military budgets combined, shows the depth of depravity to which this nation has sunk. Paradoxically, this same country has by far the greatest external debt. They kill others with borrowed money.
However, every effect has its cause.
The reason for this deplorable condition is that it suits those in power. And those in power are a group of people completely deprived of any religious, social, or secular ethics. The “I don’t care what your predicament is, I’m OK,” is the only dictum they follow. As always, there may be one or two exceptions to this rule, but the majority of the “ruling class” are a reflection of the nation on its approaching downfall.
Empires fall, and cowards, those who carry guns to protect themselves and not others, will fall with it. Such is the Universal Law.
“No man is an island unto himself”.
We are One. Those who reached this understanding are but the Few. The Many also know the truth, but are too lazy, or too cowardly, to follow it. As for the vast remainder, they will be forgiven, for “they know not what they do.”
Winston Smith knew precisely the purpose that man is to serve on Earth. He knew precisely what function he is to perform in this phenomenal reality, which is little more than a kindergarten for a very young species who only recently gained self-awareness. Fewer still have gained the awareness of Self.
Surely, what we must all learn is that Heaven is for the brave. It is a state of consciousness wherein the courage is derived from absolute conviction of one’s immortality and of intrinsic Oneness of Self.
The rest will be recycled.
Again and again.
In Vicious Circles. 

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