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We all are, indeed all the phenomenal Universes are, individualizations of the Eternal Ubiquitous Amorphous Energy of Being. Being consists of Potential Energy suspended in the eternal Now. Life occurs when Potential Energy metamorphoses into Kinetic Energy.
Hence life applies not only to the human race but to every individualization possessed with higher or faster rates of vibration within the phenomenal universe—to every expression of flora and fauna. Other manifestations, those we refer to as inanimate matter also consist of energy at very low rates of vibration, but not yet aware of its nature. Not that many humans are. In fact, it seems, that many animals have a greater awareness of the singularity of Becoming than we are.
Life is a gift. Consciousness encapsulated in a bio or zoological life-form is the only self-perpetuating manifestation of the Omnipresent Amorphous Energy.
Our willingness and ability to participate in the act of becoming is left up to us. We can use it or waste it, such as the “Many that are called” yet but Few choose to take conscious part in the process called life. This process takes place principally at mental, emotional, and physical rates of vibration. All these include many sublevels, of which we are, as yet, not aware.
We can gain awareness of some of these energies through our dreams, principally through the so-called lucid dreams.
Do you recall ever switching on the light or putting on the heat, in your dreams? That should be a hint to you. When we awaken to our potential we  shall be able to see in infrared, perhaps other vibratory ranges, and generate enough heat to keep ourselves comfortable in all climes.
Some advanced yogis can already do so, just for the sheer fun or it. So can we, with a little (actually substantial) effort. There are other people in the world, people who keep a very low profile, who subsist on cosmic rays. Both men and women who neither ate nor drank anything for endless months, perhaps years, at a time. In one such case, an 83-year-old Prahlad Jani has twice attended a hospital to be watched round the clock by eminent doctors. He claims not to have drunk nor eaten anything for some 70 years.
We, humans, are still just beginning on our journey.

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