Monday, 12 September 2016

Bestseller in the Making.

Many, if not most of us, still imagine that the phenomenal world in which we live, in which we enjoy our temporal  becoming, is real. The scientists tell us that all is energy, that each atom is virtually empty space, that what we imagine is, or at least might become tangible in the reality in which we perceive with our limited senses as real, yet… most of us, behave as pawns bobbing up and down in the endless sea of infinite possibilities.
Most of us, but not all.
Didn’t someone once say: “Ye are Gods”?

Alec, a boy of exuberant imagination grew up to become a brilliant physicist, determined to unlock the secrets of the Universe. Yet, as pointed out in the short synopsis on the Amazon page,

“…his scientific training is at odds with the memories of his youthful exploits that draw him into the realm of irrepressible imagination, fantasy, and magic. As the echoes of his adolescent jaunts demand recognition, his mind and emotions are on a perilous collision course.”

He doesn’t give up, and what is fascinating is not just his destination, but the trip that leads him to it. Read for yourself. You won’t regret it.
Below a few 5 STAR blurbs from the Amazon:

You have to read!
Thought Provoking!
Fantastic Fantasy Novel!
Exceeded my expectations!
Another 5 Stars From Me!
Fascinating and Engaging!
The Perfect Successor To Alec!
A fantastic installment of the trilogy
Brilliant second installment in series!
Time and Space collide on an epic journey
A Feast of Information, Concepts and Philosophy

…and others…

But what is of vital importance is that today, September 12th., and only today, you might get a copy of Alexander for free. HURRY! It will only be free for a few hours. Keep your eyes open and don’t miss this golden opportunity. Hurry but don’t worry. Even tomorrow, you can download a copy for the price of a Caff√® Latte at Starbucks, only your pleasure will last much, much longer. 
And then, please, share your thoughts in a review. Even a few words will do.
Your thoughts are important to me. 

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  2. For a few days, "Alexander" followed "Alec", Book One of the Trilogy, in the bestsellers' ranks. Enjoy!

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