Saturday, 17 January 2015

Heaven — The Eternal Playground

Requiescat in pace!” After some 40 years of 9 to 5? Give me a break. We already rested the last 10 years. Sitting on either side of God’s throne, or at the feet of Virgin Mary, or enjoying 72 other virgins (and then what?) for all eternity is not my idea of fun. I find it strange that people who attest to the immortality of ‘soul’, lose sight of the fact that if soul — or the indestructible individualization of the Omnipresent Consciousness — is immortal, then it must retain its free will forever. And I refuse to sit around and do nothing.
Exeunt religions.
Admittedly here, in this illusory reality of Earth, many exercise their will almost exclusively to delay their ascent to the Fields of Dreams. Yet, once freed from the confines of our physical bodies we can let loose, without the danger imposed by the immutable Law of Karma.
Finally we reached the Eternal Playground! Although the first heaven is more like a playpen…

In our dreams there is no Karma. We do not suffer any consequences of our ‘misdeeds’. We can no longer ‘go’ to hell! In fact, there is no hell in Hinduism, Buddhism, Hebraism, Sufism, nor any other religion that do not use the carrot and the stick as a means of subjugating their ‘faithful’—to make them obedient sheep. To quote Einstein: 

In order to be an immaculate member of a flock of sheep
one must above all be a sheep oneself”.

Sheep can only react to their environment. They have no free will to say ‘no’. We, the people, aspire to gain greater awareness of being immortal individualizations of consciousness. We only spend a short time in the illusory physical form for the purpose of enriching our subconscious.
Once we leave our carcasses behind, we can enjoy the acquired knowledge of positive resolutions of the problems we have set before us, in the reality of space and time. In heaven, once we learn the Universal Laws governing inner realities, “we can get away with murder”. In heaven, of course, murder is a misnomer. The immortal is also indestructible.
On the other hand if, while on Earth, someone wronged us, and we chose not to “forgive and forget”, we are stuck with our biased attitudes until our next reincarnation, wherein we can remedy the relationship or the situation.
We must never forget that we alone decide on the circumstances of our next embodiment. We have no one to blame if things do not come out quite right. In each reincarnation we are taking, again, the first steps on the rest of our immortal journey. Thus loving everyone, in spite of his or her often-abysmal traits (ha, ha!), sounds like a good idea. It is an act of self-preservation—of enhancing our private, personal heaven.

That’s it.
There are great many delusions propagated by both, our scientists and our religious organizations. We do not have to submit to them. We have free will.

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  1. How often can you tolerate 'bravo'? In case you still can, I say it again. This is apropos of what is uppermost for me. I think I should just leave you to it, and put my mental feet up.

    1. Don't worry about bravos, Philippa. I am at the evolutionary stage of a sponge, they keep me going. Also, you are still among the few. Very few...

  2. Less dessert, more appetiser for the real meal deal of your books- a whole library of applications from romance to reconstruction. I suspect you get few comments because your acolytes are busy reading them elsewhere.

    1. As always, you are very generous, Phillipa. Thank you.

  3. Apologies. Philippa with double p. (it must be my eyes...)

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    1. Well, there are two p's in philosophy, but my father was a cavalry officer, so I inherited my love of horses.