Monday, 12 January 2015

Battle of the Opposites

Give or take. Build or destroy. Create or kill. Love or hate. To impose by power is to negate free will. Hence, power is the also the opposite of love, not just hate.
From time immemorial people deferred to gods as all-powerful. Not good or bad, but powerful. Look at Book of Job. Gods are said to have created the world. Well, Earth anyway. In Hebrew, gods, are called Elohim. That’s plural. Many gods. And since Earth is reputed to be about 4.5 billion years old, and the Universe around 13.7 billion, it stands to reason that Elohim visited us from afar. Assuming evolution, they must have been a few billion years smarter than we are, ‘even’ today.
Elohim must have controlled the opposites—the centripetal and the centrifugal forces. In other words, they had the ability to maintain equilibrium in our solar system—the centrifugal and centripetal forces—in perfect balance. Earth neither flies off into space, nor collapses into the sun. Quite a feat! That’s what gods do. Maintain balance in all aspects of our becoming. The rest is up to us.
The rest is history.

We, “gods in waiting”, need some guidelines to lead us towards godhood. Look around you. Power always sets us apart, while love draws us together. There is no good and evil. There is only the distance we stray from the straight and narrow. It’s a struggle between extremes— between the opposites. Hence duality of our reality. 

Lao Tsu pointed out that Tao is always neutral…  always on the side of the just man. Hence, a just man must also be neutral. We are told not to judge yet we must constantly make decisions to survive.
A philosophical conundrum?
In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas we are advised to become “passers-by” (Key to Immortality, logion 42). It’s easier if we accept that the reality in which we find our becoming is NOT real. That is it transient, illusory—Maya, as our eastern friends call it.
At long last scientists came to our help. They declared that all atoms are 99.9999999999999% empty space. And since the visible world consists of atoms, whatever we see or detect with our senses cannot be real. When we realize this fact, passing judgment on other people is ludicrous. If we continue to pass judgment we shall continue to tread the Wheel of Awagawan. We are judging illusions.
Our judgment wouldn’t make any sense.
Look around you… We have created a mess and will continue to squander our gifts until… until the truth will set us free! Until we become Elohim.
“Ye are gods”, remember?

Our future is unimaginably magnificent! We can wield a force that will continue to draw us together. This force is called love. It manifests when we lose the ability to differentiate between “us and them”. Between you and me. Winston discovered this truth. You can read about him in my Winston Trilogy. He defines the future that awaits you. Enjoy!

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  1. A welcome diversion- this circuitous pathway always worth watering! And drinking from. When will I get time to enjoy other people's books? I like the power opposing love emphasis. Evangelicism sometimes forgets in its passion to offer something better, and it is a conundrum- how far to stretch out without imposing upon the reluctant? I am not reluctant so you can rest easy with me! But it's a question I ask daily of myself.

    1. I read a thousand books and then I began writing. It's my way of giving back what I have been given. Perhaps one day I'll start reading again. I hope so. I'm not through paying back my debt.

      As for your conundrum, you're in good company. Lao Tsu, Buddha, Socrates, Yeshûa... none of them had best sellers. You might say that they were abysmal failures. On the other hand, maybe they were addressing only the few. The very, very few who were ready. If you want marketing success, write 51 Shades of Pink. Or... or write for the few. That's my way. From among the 7 billion, sooner or later some people will find my work and they'll know that they are not alone. I can wait. I'm immortal. So are they. Ain't we got fun? LOL!

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  3. I hope you recognised yourself? My alter ego and much better adapted to reality.

    I am beginning to manage the occasional book from those I could never find time for when reading was focused on sharpening my own neural pencil. And all those accumulated ideas and relevant facts almost disappeared! I think it is the patterns that remain important, as you recognise.

  4. Your poem on http, delightful as always. My question is why, through the porous skull, (Reality and Perception) you submerge only their (our?) brains in the ocean of thoughts. Shouldn't we at least be standing on our heads? Perhaps forever blowing bubbles?

    PS. I am not really imposing on the reluctant. I am sowing the seed, I do not direct where they fall. As for my neural pencil, nowadays it is sharpened only within. When I come out, mine too gets blunt again.