Tuesday, 12 June 2018

ENIGMA—Of the Second Coming

Just imagine how smart we would be if we were to live for a few thousand years. (Well, some of us, lol). Not in the same, aging, dilapidating physical body, of course. Each new body we design, then supervise its construction is, hopefully, a more advanced model evolving to better serve the purpose for which we created it.
Don’t forget:
The Creator (within us) is immortal.
Each time we occupy a new biological model, endowed with artificial intelligence, we are a minute step closer to the time when we and our model will act as ONE. Ultimately I AM and the model through which It functions will act purely for the benefit of the Creative Source within us, the Source which is the essence of our life.
Others, less advanced embodiments, will take over our present functions, probably that of venturing into the unknown.
Some of us imagine that, one day, the smartest amongst us will come back to show us the error of our ways. In Christianity, this is known as the Second Coming. One can but wish that such an event would apply not only to the Christ, abut also to Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, as well as Lao Tsu, Socrates, Plato, not to mention Mozart, Beethoven, and a dozen or so of other great composers, artists, as well as philosophers and mystics.
Wouldn’t that be nice?
On the other hand, wouldn’t that just repeat previous achievements of humanity? Aren’t we intended to cross new grounds, reach beyond the old horizons, old perceived limitations? After all, the Creative Potential within us is infinite, hence, shouldn’t we reach out towards the unknown?
Surely, the Second Coming takes place within us.
Within our Consciousness.

Unfortunately we make mistakes.
Many mistakes.
When those endanger the functioning of life on our plant, the Universal Laws step in to eliminate the cause, and, possibly, to find a better model to continue venturing into new realities.

The only other option is to hope that the great Souls that trod this ball of dirt before us might find a way to give us a helping hand in other ways. This is where ENIGMA steps in. Whether ‘they’ do so physically, or by influencing our thoughts, remains to be seen. Perhaps they’ll find even more creative ways.
ENIGMA—Of the Second Coming tackles the problem of saving humanity from ourselves. It seems that we reached the stage of having too much power, not enough love. The novel might also explain the mystery of PLUTO, which most astronomers no longer recognize as a planet. So… what might it be?

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