Monday, 2 April 2018

INFINITY—The need for Symbolism

We seem to find it hard to accept that our understanding of various concepts change, diametrically, when we observe new realities materializing from Potential to Phenomenal. Infinity, like a Black Hole, makes logical thinking near-impossible.
For instance.
If you travel at infinite velocity, then you are everywhere simultaneously. If your energy is characterized by an infinite rate of vibrations, then it is also static. If you are immortal, then you were also never born.

Infinity is, by definition, eternal, omnipresent, omnipotent, indestructible. It is subject, nevertheless, to the irresistible force of constant metamorphosis. 

Infinity cannot be defined, but it can be, at least in part, described. Definition, as used by our scientists, invariably set limits to the object or concept defined. Hence science invariably places limitations on absolutely everything in the phenomenal world.
Description does no more than to attempt to fathom the unfathomable, to attempt to imagine, to perceive, to sense that which is beyond all sensual perceptions.
 Hence it is the Infinite.
You can call it God, if you like. But it would be a god that is infinite in all potentials, and infinitely impartial to any of its phenomenal manifestations. Like evolution, It would seek expression through the process of trial and error.
It would be a god that is not created in our image and likeness. No long beard.

Beyond concepts of good and evil.

Concerned only with eternally manifesting its infinite potential. It can change its form, metamorphose into an infinite number of its parts, yet the parts would forever remain indivisible from the Whole.

The Old and the New Testaments attempt to deal with infinity. They lack modern verbiage, terminology or scientific precision. We now know that energy cannot be destroyed. That’s pure science. Hence, it is eternal. Like the God of the Old Testament. It is also omnipresent.
We also now know that this Energy, “Divine Spirit” if you prefer, exists in a dual form. First, as the static amorphous form of infinite potential. We can think of It as Being. The second form is dynamic. It is in a constantly changing process of manifesting Itself in a phenomenal reality. The condition of Becoming.


The two forms are never apart, though the phenomenal form is always subservient to the presence of the potential ‘within’. In as much as the potential is infinite, the phenomenal form is likewise without limits, though is manifested in a continuous condition of expansion. The balance is maintained by recycling the ‘unsuccessful’ attempts of converting the perfect potential into a phenomenal expression. The scientists would call this “falling into a Black Hole”.
Finally, the creative process of converting the potential into a phenomenal form takes place in the “Straight and Narrow” path of the Event Horizon. We can witness the creative process by accessing it through the alpha waves of our brain.

No wonder the ancients had to resort to symbolism to describe their understanding of reality.
Now, we can go a tiny step further. 

An indispensible tool for the understanding of Scriptures

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  1. By not understanding the hidden (symbolic) meaning of the Scriptures, you remain in a reactive, and do not advance to proactive, mode.