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Every 2000 years or so, Zodiac rotates to initiate a new evolutionary Age. More precisely, every 2150 years… Hence Age of Aquarius.
Amazon defines my Trilogy as METAPHYSICAL, METAPHYSICAL/VISIONARY, and PARANORMAL. You decide if ROMANCE, SUSPENSE, and MYSTERY should also be on the list.

WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality, Book One, begins with an incident involving a wall, which took place some 2000 years ago when the Age of Pisces was just beginning. If you want to walk through walls, make love on a sun-drenched Greek island, traverse time and space in split second…  read this book.

A few blurbs from 5 STAR reviews on Amazon.

Love it!
Brain Food!
Must-read for OBE enthusiasts!
Reality or Fantasy? Don't Miss it!
Another mind-bending tale from Law!
Smart, compelling and absolutely original!
A Romance of the Physical and Metaphysical!
Explores Love, Sex, and Immortality Like No Other!

And others…

PLUTO EFFECT takes us a step further. Under the influence of Pluto, the world order is on the brink of collapse. Those who know about ancient prophecies will escape with their lives. Those who do not… will face the consequences.
Read this book carefully. It might save your life. 
Ambrosia implements Quantum Tunneling on a commercial scale. She and Simon become financially independent. They pursue their passions. Ambrosia delves into ancient Greek Myths. Simon’s team pursue hypnotic regression to reexamine historical ‘facts’.
Ancient history is drastically rewritten!
These are strange times of rapid and unprecedented change. Only a few will emerge unscathed. Others will be swept by the turbulent currents flooding the world. This is the onset of the power of the Zodiac—the Age of Aquarius.
PLUTO EFFECT cleanses the old to make room for the new. Physically, politically, economically, and sociologically, the world is in unprecedented upheaval.

A few more blurbs from 5 STAR reviews:

Amazing! Exciting! Illuminating! Wonderful Reading! A beautiful continuation! Book One Brought Me Here! Lovely, deep and exciting book! A fascinating philosophical novel! Only the best from Author Stan I.S. Law! Get ready to think and then be blown away!
And many more…

OLYMPUS—Of Gods and Men, takes us to the New Eden. Even as all hell breaks loose due to Pluto Effect, our heroes escape to beautiful Greek island of Milos. Only there they have a chance to survive apocalyptic global upheavals, caused by the reversal of polarity of magnetic poles.
Even as governments and social structures collapse, a small group of advanced beings protects the remnants of human heritage. Eventually, these Few awaken to the magnificent powers lying dormant within them. This could be… you!

More 5 STAR blurbs from Amazon:

Third book still has it!
A brilliant end to the trilogy
Captivating and thought-provoking!
A Fantastic Conclusion To A Great Trilogy!
WOW! Gorgeous conclusion to a brilliant series!

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