Friday, 14 October 2016

Hope for Humanity

People deprived of spiritual aspirations think that evolution consists of producing more technological gadgets; that though we started as monkeys, now, lo and behold, by the miracle of inexplicable forces of nature, we became human.
Well, my friends, I beg to differ.
Physical evolution might, just might, offer us a greater  chance for physical survival, assuming we don’t destroy our home, yes, including our planet, first. Since our capacity to do so rises from day to day, I’d respectfully define this ability as pathological devolution.
Let me assure you: the smarter our gadgets, the less we are required to think. Also, it is not enough to have 100 billion neurons—the art is in how we use them.
Some of us are regressing to such abysmal stupidity as only people designing and/or producing the so-called weapons of mass destruction can be proud of; and, of course, the evolutionary biologists who lost their raison d’ĂȘtre somewhere in the kindergarten, in which they apparently have chosen to remain.

Evolution, real evolution, consists of increasing our awareness of our true nature. Albert Einstein, and a number of other physicists since, have proven that “all is energy”, that matter at its most rudimentary level consists of infinitesimally small strings of vibrating energy. That means, dear friends, that physically you and I are also, at the most rudimentary level, little more than energy vibrating at whatever rate we are capable of experiencing it. We are not ‘advanced’ apes, as the biological evolutionary ‘scientists’ would have us believe, but vibrating strings of energy.
Before we devolved to our present state of ignorance, people had been more aware of their true nature. They called themselves ‘spiritual’ beings. That was before God gave us ‘skins’ (Genesis 3:21) with which we identify ever since. This means that the rate of vibrations within us have slowed down to the present level perceptible by our limited senses. However, thinking of ourselves as a direct result of the “energy of thought” brings us closer to the amorphous omnipresent energy of which we are incipient individualizations.
Another example of devolution is illustrated in the story of the “Tower of Babel”. It symbolizes the loss of our ability to communicate telepathically. We began to use words instead. You may be pleased to know that monkey, apes, and other animals, still possess this ability. We, the highly devolved humans, lost it long ago.
The “Tower” also symbolizes the stage at which we, the ‘devolving’ species, began to think that our brain would provide us with all the answers. Yet, every mother knows that her ability to face the challenges of raising children draws not only on her instinctive knowledge stored in her genes, but also on intuitive inspirations which originate in her unconscious.
Most others don’t know that. They devolved too far. Starting with the study of the Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism we might, just might, recover some of our knowledge. We can but try.
Many are called, although only Few choose to evolve. 


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  2. We will have reached our present evolutionary task when we merge the energies of our Ego and our Self into a Singularity.